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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of my readers!  I am in the process of making my list of projects to share with you during the new year.  I would love to hear from you about the things that you would like to see this upcoming year from Sew Very Crafty.  I will make every effort to create patterns and tutorials for the things that you like most.  Just comment below so I can begin my work of creating new and {Read More}

How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps

How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps So, how to declutter any room or closet in 6 steps.  It is that time of year for resolutions, optimism, and decluttering. Believe it or not clutter around the house can cause stress you do not even realize is there.  It is amazing how well you feel when you get rid of the things that are cluttering up your life.  To assist in this sometimes mammoth undertaking I have come {Read More}

16 Organizing Tips

16 Organizing Tips 1. Cord Organizers Those unwieldy cords behind your computer and television need to be reined in. The best way to do this and to keep your cords well-organized is by using a cord organizer. There is a terrific free pattern over at Craftsy where you can make your own by clicking the photo and typing in Cord Wraps in the search box or you can follow this link to purchase them. Cable organizers   2. Mail Tray {Read More}

DIY Car Diffusers

DIY Car Diffusers I am always looking for DIY solutions to ongoing problems.  I buy air fresheners for my car and they just fade after a while so I have to buy another.  This time I decided to make my own.  It was really easy to do and I can keep topping it up, so to speak, whenever it fades.  I combined a simple wood ornament and some polymer clay along with some essential oil to make these simple DIY {Read More}

Sewing Room Must Haves

Sewing Room Must Haves You are either a sewer or a wannabe sewer and you are looking around your sewing space and wondering what do I really need to create awesome looking projects.  It is easy to get sucked into buying all of the latest gadgets and stock up on stuff you don’t need.  Trust me I know from personal experience.  I have been in a sewing room downsizing mood lately and looked around to decide what are my sewing {Read More}

Sew a Basic Tote Using Remnants

Sew a Basic Tote Using Remnants As you all know, I have a closet full of remnants and am always looking for things to make with them.  Remnants are the last yard or less of fabric left on a bolt that is sold for half price at your local fabric store. In this case I happened to have some blue faux suede and blue and white floral fabric so I decided to sew a basic tote out of remnants.  I {Read More}

10 Natural Cleaning Hacks with Lemons

10 Natural Cleaning Hacks with Lemons   There is nothing like the smell of fresh lemons.  But lemons do more than small good they are great for cleaning your whole house.  They are a natural alternative to the chemicals typically used to clean our homes and far safer for our environment. Because of their natural deodorizing and disinfectant properties I put together these 10 natural cleaning hacks with lemons to clean your whole house. What you will Need: Fresh lemons {Read More}

Christmas Tree Upcycling

Christmas Tree Upcycling Christmas Tree Upcycling.  Is it enough to put your tree on the side of the road for the trash collectors to toss it away?  Maybe not. Here are a few ideas for reusing your Christmas tree after the season has ended.  The folks at This Old House got me to thinking so here are eight suggestions on things you can do with your Christmas tree this season. 1: Chopped Fire Wood The most obvious example is chopping it, letting {Read More}

Mini Party Poppers

Mini Party Poppers It is time for summer parties to abound.  Whether it is a Sunday picnic or a 4th of July bar-b-que there is always room for mini party poppers.  You can make these simple little poppers to contain confetti or sweat treats but they will liven up any party and they are really simple to make. Just cut out the pattern and roll up the paper and you have a wonderful festive touch you can add to any {Read More}

New Years Eve Around the Web

New Years Eve Around the Web Christmas is almost past and New Years is right around the corner so I scoured the net for some fun ideas for your next New Years Eve party.  Its time to celebrate all of the potential of the new year so take a look at these ideas fresh from New Years Eve Around the Web. Here is a great idea from Erica at Honestly Yum for some fun and colorful party poppers for that midnight celebration. {Read More}