A Course for the absolute beginner sewist with videos, printables and text to teach you from beginning to your first project.

Sewing 101


Sewing 101 is an introductory sewing course for the novice sewist to learn the basics of sewing before delving into more complex projects and garments.

This 28 lesson course starts with how to choose your first machine to how to thread it and your bobbin and takes you to how to stitch zippers and make and sew bias binding. This course is perfect for the beginner with text and video lessons throughout.

Take a little time to learn the craft of sewing using Sewing 101. Create fabric crafts using your own basic sewing skills. Grow into the sewist you know you can be starting with this course.

28 lessons for the beginner sewist to learn to stitch their own simple sewing projects. It is just the beginning of sewing creativity from threading your machine to sewing zippers. Just a little time and patience will put you on the road to sewing success so let’s get started.

Have a sewing machine and be anxious to learn. This course is for novice sewists who are just beginning their creative journey. The course teaches the very basics of getting up and running.

This is an online course with text and video lessons and free printables to help along the way. It will aid the true beginner to start and complete basic sewing projects.

Ready to achieve great things?

Create fun fabric crafts using sewing skills you learn from Sewing 101 

What you get

With your purchase

With your purchase you get the skills you need to start sewing and creating on your own.

  • Learn to thread your machine to get started
  • Learn to sew straight and curved lines
  • Learn to Make Button Holes
  • Learn to sew zippers
  • Check out the 28 chapters of sewing tips and tricks filled with video tutorials and instruction.

Why purchase with us

Learn the basics of starting to sew

Learn to wind your bobbin, thread your machine and thread your Bobbis so that you can get started.

Learn how to cut fabric and square it up

Learn to cut and square up fabric for a clean and straight finish to all of your sewing projects.

Learn how to use a rotary cutter

Learn how to use a rotary cutter and how to take care of your rotary cutting mat. Learn to use fabric shears.

Learn to sew straight lines, curves & corners

Learn to the basics of sewing curves and corners so that you will be able to stitch anything with ease.

Learn all about needles and stitch length

Learn the differences between needles and the importance of stitch length in your sewing.

Learn to Make your own Bias Binding

Learn to create your own bias binding so that you can have unique finishes to all of your bound projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are text instructions and videos to guide you through your sewing journey

Yes, these lessons can be replayed over and over so that you can become proficient in all of the skills taught in this course

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