Learn to sew basic craft projects like handbags, hats, wallets, and more using this beginner craft sewing guide.

Beginner Craft Sewing Guide


This is Sew Very Crafty’s Beginner Craft Sewing Guide. This guide is for the absolute beginner to learn the basics of sewing so that they can sew beginner craft projects.

The Beginner Craft Sewing Guide will teach you to sew and inspire you to progress to the next level. By the time you finish this guide you will be able to complete basic craft sewing projects like handbags, baskets, wallets, scarves and hats among other crafts.

You will Learn all of the basics of craft sewing so that you can immediately start and finish a sewing project using your new found skills. This guide is chock full of photos and illustrations to help you along the way.

There are 11 chapters with 70 pages to teach and guide you through your sewing journey. You will learn how to choose a machine, thread it, wind and thread your bobbin and much more. You will also learn how to sew straight lines, curves and corners so you can complete any project you start. There is also a tutorial on how to make a basic car trash bag from beginning to completion.

In order to get the most out of this sewing guide you will need to have a sewing machine, needles, bobbins, fabric, and thread. There are other items but these are the basics. With these you can enter the wonderful world of sewing.

This guide walks you through the beginning steps of your sewing journey. It is the ultimate in beginner guides for the true novice to start out. It describes those basic tasks that no one thinks to tell you and encourages you to grow into the sewist you want to be.

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Start your Sewing Journey with Sew Very Crafty’s Beginner Craft Sewing Guide

What you get

With your purchase

A beginner sewing guide for the novice sewist who wants to learn the basics of swing with an eye to learning more. You get 70 pages and 11 chapters of instruction to teach you how to start sewing today.

  • A list if sewing tools and supplies
  • What to look for in buying your first machine
  • Sewing machine basics
  • Needle and presser foot basics and so much more
  • How to sew straight lines and curves
  • How to sew your first basic project

Why purchase with us

Benefit One

Learn sewing machine basics including how to thread your machine and wind and thread your bobbin. Learn all about sewing machine needles and presser feet.

Benefit Two

Learn about the often overlooked issue of sewing machine tension. How to solve tension issues without adjusting your tension wheel knobs

Benefit Three

Learn about fabrics and how to treat them and square them up for stitching a nice finished product. learn to cut using a rotary cutter and fabric shears.

Benefit Four

Learn all about interfacing and how to treat it. Learn how to attach interfacing and when not to add it at all. There are three basic types of interfacing and you will learn about them all.

Benefit Five

Learn the basic sewing stitches that you will need to use for beginner sewing projects. Learn to sew straight lines, curves and corners using the stitching provided stitching guide.

Benefit Six

Learn to make a simple sewing project that anyone with the skills learned in this guide can make with no problem at all. Just follow the step-by-step tutorial and use a straight stitch to finish it.

sewing machine and fabric isolated on white

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This guide will provide all the information you need to sew simple sewing crafts.

Yes there is a course chock full of videos and additional chapters that is a companion to this guide at an additional cost.

No. this guide is for personal use only and cannot legally be reproduced or shared with others.

Yes you can print out this guide to have it handy at the sewing machine as you travel along your sewing journey.

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