Why you Need a Sewing Planner


Have you started sewing projects that you haven't finished? Can't start them at all? Misplaced your Creativity?


Have stacks of fabric and no inspiration?


See patterns and tutorials you'd love to start and actually finish?


You want to be creative but you're just stuck in a rut.

Sound Like you?


It is so easy to lose focus and organization in your creativity.  The ideas run rampant on the one hand or stall on the other.  You just can't seem to pull it together the way you want.

When that happens your creativity drips to nothing and you need a boost to get it all back.

This feeling is natural but, guess what, there is a solution to your creativity woes.

You no longer have to feel stuck in the sewing duldrums.

What is the answer you ask?

You need a sewing planner!


Why a Sewing Planner?

  • Keep your inspiration in one place
  • Plan your projects with an eye toward the finish line
  • Set out your sewing goals
  • Organize your sewing life
  • Let your creativity flow


To My Sewing Planner



Solve your sewing woes by getting My Sewing Planner here

For a Computer fillable planner click here only $12.95


What You Get with the Sewing Planner

  • 23 instantly downloadable planner pages that include a:
  • Measurement guide
  • Project planner page
  • Pattern page
  • Project Details Page
  • Stash Organizer page
  • and much more . . .

There are pages to sketch your ideas or place photos of your inspiration.  You can organize your stash or prepare a shopping list.  You can calendar your projects so that you will make sure they are completed.

This planner lets you set aside the "Me Time" you need to enjoy your hobby the way you would like.  After all sewing should be fun!!!! This planner will help to make it fun again.

Just download it and print it out and you will be on your way to organized creativity.


It's time to get out of your sewing Rut with this Sewing Planner

You can go back to your old sewing rut but why would you want to when you have my sewing planner to get you through?

Make sewing enjoyable again!

Get the creative juices flowing!

Plan, Start and Finish your Sewing projects with My Sewing Planner!

TESTIMONIAL:  I bought your planner in like 2 minutes. Saw it in the email, clicked over, didn't even read the whole landing page because your first statement was 100% me, clicked the button and purchased it without looking at price. I love it! You put more in there besides just planning (which I might have know if I had read everything properly) so I'm excited to get all my projects (especially for the holidays) organized this weekend.  C. Haislip

  • Remember this is not a physical product but a downloadable PDF.
  • The Download comes into your email so you don't have to wait.
  • Print it as many times as you want.
  • For personal Use only
  • No Refunds



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