How I Grew My Blog by 500%

How I Grew My Blog by 500%

How I grew my Blog by 500%

I started this blog to give me something to do while I was recuperating from knee surgery.  I wasn’t overly concerned if anyone actually read it because I enjoyed the process of creating the projects and blogging about them so others could create them too.

I still enjoy the process but this past month I decided to become serious about my blog and wasn’t sure how to go about getting people to actually read it.  I’m not sure how but I came across Megan Johnson and her Ebook Pinterest Ninja.  She guaranteed that following her program would increase my blog traffic or I would get my money back.

Well, I thought I might as well give it a try and if it doesn’t work I will get reimbursed.  The only proviso was that I put all of her tips into practice.  So, I bought the book and proceeded to read it carefully.  I implemented all of her tips and tricks and to my utter amazement I have grown my website page views by 500% in my first month of implementation.

In fact, if you are reading this post because you came here from Pinterest it is because of Megan and Pinterest Ninja that you are here and that I am able to provide this testimonial.

At this point in my blogging career Pinterest is now by far the greatest referrer of traffic to my website when it used to be Facebook.  Prior to Megan’s book my only interaction with Pinterest was through a plugin that automatically posts my pins to Pinterest and other social media sites.

It never occurred to me that Pinterest was anything more than just posting pictures of my projects.  I could not have been more wrong.  There is a whole pinning strategy involved in using Pionterest to gain blog traffic.  Who knew?  Well I know now and the proof is in my Google Analytics stats. I have had a 500% increase in blog traffic that I can attribute solely to Megan’s techniques.

Megan Teaches you:

How to set up Pinterest:

  • How to enable rich pins.
  • How to use Pinterest Group Boards to increase your blogs traffic.
  • How to start your own Pinterest Group board and get contributors. (video)
  • How to search for trending keywords. (video)
  • How and where to place those keywords to make your pins and boards go viral in a short amount of time.
  • How to organically grow your followers in a short amount of time.
  • Where and how to search for the perfect FREE stock images, images that can be pinned directly from your post. (video)
  • How to create the perfect pin, one that is sure to be re-pinned over and over! (video)
  • How and where to market your pin (and blog posts) to drive TONS of traffic to your site. (video)
  • How to think of new topics to blog about.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest Analytics and use them to your advantage. (video)
  • Pinning strategies for manual and scheduled pinning
  • How to convert re-pins into actual website clicks! Re-pins mean nothing if people aren’t actually clicking through to your site!

How to Brand your Business

  • How to brand your business, to give you a look that will be sure to help you stand out online.
  • How to incorporate your brand into ALL of your Social Media Accounts.

How to use Social Media to Grow your Following

  • 101 Facebook groups that will help grow your following, all organized by blogging niche
  • How to start a profitable Facebook Group, how to get people to join, how to get people to purchase your products (or affiliates), how to get people to participate in the group! Without you spending a DIME on advertising! (video

How to Monetize your blog 

  • 85 affiliates organized by blogging niche, you can easily join and start making money with your blog!
  • How to write a killer blog post to market your affiliate(s). (video)
  • How to create your own profitable course with Teachable (this will apply to ALL blogging niches!) (video)
  • My FREE workshop: Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List! Which will help you with every single aspect of email marketing, including how often to email your subscribers and what to say! (Plus you get 30 days of ConverKit for FREE!)

Get Pinterest Ninja Today for just $49.99

by Clicking on the Book

You won’t regret it!




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