How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

How to write a killer blog post: 5 easy steps to great content

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content.  With every blog, content is king.  Your content is what brings your readers back over and over.

It is not enough to just slap a few hundred words into a post and click publish.  There must be substance and authority behind the post. You must be addressing a problem or concern that your audience has to be a successful blogger.  After all you are writing for your audience and not for you.

But, the process of creating a killer blog post that makes your audience your primary concern does not have to be intimidating.  In fact, once you have a process that you can apply to every post you will find that writing a killer blog post is fairly straight forward.  I know that many of you struggle with the process of writing your blog.  I am here to tell you that these 5 easy steps will make your blogging life easier.

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Step 1: Brainstorm your Ideas

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

The first thing you need to do is come up with an idea for your post.  The best way to do this is by brainstorming.  Start with a broad topic for the post.  For example my blog has three broad topics, sewing, crafting, and blogging.  I set aside three pieces of paper and brainstorm ideas in each of those topics.

Within each topic is a category that my posts will fall in.  It might be sewing handbags, sewing plushies, sewing clothes etc. With each idea I decide which category I am going to write about.

In this case, I decided to write about blogging, the blogging process, and writing the killer blog post.  So there is a topic, a category and a subcategory that my post will fit into.  I have successfully been able to narrow down from my original over arching topic to the subcategory that this post is about.

While in the process of brainstorming I came up with many other possible categories and subcategories for future posts in each of my three topics.

Step 2: Create an Attention Getting Title 

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

The first thing that is going to get your audience to click on your post is the title. Create a title that is going to answer questions for them.  You want to draw people in so that they want to read your content.  Evoke emotion in them.  Get them immediately connected with the content by creating the killer title.

When you are brainstorming a title keep in mind your SEO key words and use power words like simple, free, killer, amazing and fun.  There are hundreds of power words that will draw your audience’s attention. A great title is only part of good SEO practices if you want additional SEO tips check out my previous post on 5 SEO Tips for Beginners.

When you are choosing a title for your post keep in mind the five most popular blog post types:

  • How to
  • Why you should
  • The list
  • Roundups
  • Interviews, reviews and analysis

By keeping these broad topics in mind you can create a killer title that will address the needs of your audience.

Step 3: Writing your Content

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

The next important aspect of the killer blog post is the content. You should be writing about one message.  That message should be clear and concise.  Your audience should know exactly what that content is meant to do.  Is it a how to, a why or a list?  Your audience should not have to guess at what you are trying to accomplish.

You should include both interior and exterior links where appropriate.  Interior links are links to your own content such as the link to my SEO post and exterior links are to other bloggers posts or affiliate links.  This serves to raise your level of authority and increases your SEO score.

Step 4: Make it Visually Appealing

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

Most people scan an article before they read it.  If it is too dense and not appealing to the eye they will immediately click away.  Your goal is to keep them on the page and one of the easiest ways to do that is by making the page visually appealing.

Use colorful high quality images, diagrams and graphs as well as warm colors. There should be headings that divide the content to make it easy on the eye.  Use short paragraphs and bullet points. Make it easy for your audience to read and understand.  Use common and straight forward language.  Don’t be condescending or overly intellectual your audience will be turned off.

It has been shown that longer posts do better than shorter posts.  They create a sense of authority and knowledge.  They rank higher in SEO because you have more chance to hit on the words that people are searching for.  However, the length of a blog post should be consistent with the message.  For example a how to post may be relatively short while an in depth analysis of SEO or affiliate marketing will be longer.

Step 5: Provide a Solution

How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content

The final step to creating the killer blog post is to provide a solution to the problem the reader has.  Whether it is a how to sew an infinity scarf or why you should use PicMonkey for social media there must be some solution. People read blogs because they want a question answered or a problem solved.  The killer blog post is going to give them what they want.  It is going to provide a solution that they can act on now.  You are, after all, writing for them and not for you.

Part of providing a solution should be attaching affiliate links to products that you highly recommend that will address what your audience is looking for.  In this post I have an affiliate link to PicMonkey because I use it all the time in creating images for  my blog posts and for social media marketing and I highly recommend it to all of my readers.

These are the 5 steps that I use to create killer blog posts. If you are a blogger who is looking to take your blog to the next level I highly recommend the Billionaire Blog Club course taught by Paul Scrivens.  This is an amazing course that I have taken that has allowed me to expand my blog reach and to make money with my blog, something I never thought I would be able to do.

Scrivs is completely hands on during the course and when you are finished.  The course was amazing for me as I am sure it will be for you too.  If you are unsure about making an investment in a blogging course try Scrivs’ free 12 day blogging boot camp to get started.

How to write a killer blog post: 5 easy steps to great content

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How to Write a Killer Blog Post: 5 Easy Steps to Great Content





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