Free Fabric.Com Giveaway

Free Fabric.Com Giveaway From February 16-25, 2018, will be giving away free fabric bundles to 50 lucky winners. This is the first Free Giveaway of the year so click the picture above and enter to win. The best part is you can submit an entry every day! 50 lucky winners will be selected to receive grab bags full of awesome fabrics. You can even choose from 3 grab bag options to make sure it meets your creative needs! {Read More}

DIY Gumball Machine

DIY Gumball Machine Here is a terrific holiday customizeable faux DIY Gumball Machine. This is a crafter’s favorite. So easy and inexpensive to make. What you Will Need: DIY Gumball Machine 1 Terracotta Flower pot — whatever size you want your machine to be 2 small Terracotta saucers — again depending on the size of your pot 1 medium terracotta saucer — again depending on the size of your pot 1 plain glass bowl — again depending on the size of your {Read More}

Passion for Blogging 101: Learn to Blog for Fun and Profit

Passion for Blogging 101 Become a Blogger for Profit Have you ever wondered how to become a blogger and make money doing it?  If so, I have the ebook for you.  Passion for Blogging 101 is the ultimate beginners guide to starting a blog, building a following, and making money doing it.  This downloadable ebook walks you step by step through: How to create a blog How to Brand it How to write a Blog Post The basics of blog {Read More}

PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match

PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match   PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match.  You may have noticed that my pictures and overall presentation of the projects from Sew Very Crafty have drastically improved.  I still have a way to go on the photos but the presentation is definitely on the upswing.  Why is that you ask? The answer is easy.  I discovered PicMonkey,  I had no idea that there was a place that I could go {Read More}

Easy DIY Glasses Case

Easy DIY Glasses Case I am all about using remnants in my sewing when I can because you can get them at 50% – 75% off.  For this project you can use remnants or fat quarters to make a really cute and easy DIY glasses case.  This pattern requires two pieces of fabric and either a plastic snap or Velcro to use as a closure.  This whole project takes about 20 minutes to make from beginning to end is for {Read More}

Free Bi Fold Wallet Tutorial

Free Bi Fold Wallet Tutorial I took a Craftsy class on Wallet making called Sewing Wallets Step by Step a while back and I just loved it.  It was a very well done class and worth the sale price I paid for it.  Since then I have been making wallets like crazy.  They are much easier than you think to make them.  I would recommend that you take the class if you can otherwise I came across a terrific free {Read More}

Handbag Patterns and Tutorials: Free EBook

Handbag Patterns and Tutorials: Free EBook I am a handbag addict.  I love to create and make handbags.  I have been sewing on and off for most of my life but took it up in earnest as an adult.  I sew clothes on occasion but handbags are my first love.  I have consolidated all of my handbag patterns and tutorials in this free EBook. If you want to grow your sewing skills on projects that take just a little time and {Read More}

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of my readers!  I am in the process of making my list of projects to share with you during the new year.  I would love to hear from you about the things that you would like to see this upcoming year from Sew Very Crafty.  I will make every effort to create patterns and tutorials for the things that you like most.  Just comment below so I can begin my work of creating new and {Read More}

How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps

How to Declutter Any Room or Closet in 6 Steps So, how to declutter any room or closet in 6 steps.  It is that time of year for resolutions, optimism, and decluttering. Believe it or not clutter around the house can cause stress you do not even realize is there.  It is amazing how well you feel when you get rid of the things that are cluttering up your life.  To assist in this sometimes mammoth undertaking I have come {Read More}

16 Organizing Tips

16 Organizing Tips 1. Cord Organizers Those unwieldy cords behind your computer and television need to be reined in. The best way to do this and to keep your cords well-organized is by using a cord organizer. There is a terrific free pattern over at Craftsy where you can make your own by clicking the photo and typing in Cord Wraps in the search box or you can follow this link to purchase them. Cable organizers   2. Mail Tray {Read More}

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