Best Basic Banana Muffin Recipe

Best Basic Banana Muffin Recipe As usual we didn’t eat all of our bananas this week so I set out to find the best basic banana muffin recipe I could find and came across this one from a Taste of Home.  Normally I would add chocolate chips or walnuts but I didn’t have any so I made them just plain and they are delicious.  You just need 3 ripe bananas and standard baking supplies to make these delicious muffins. Print {Read More}

DIY Gumball Machine

DIY Gumball Machine Here is a terrific holiday customizeable faux DIY Gumball Machine. This is a crafter’s favorite. So easy and inexpensive to make. What you Will Need: DIY Gumball Machine 1 Terracotta Flower pot — whatever size you want your machine to be 2 small Terracotta saucers — again depending on the size of your pot 1 medium terracotta saucer — again depending on the size of your pot 1 plain glass bowl — again depending on the size of your {Read More}

16 Organizing Tips

16 Organizing Tips 1. Cord Organizers Those unwieldy cords behind your computer and television need to be reined in. The best way to do this and to keep your cords well-organized is by using a cord organizer. There is a terrific free pattern over at Craftsy where you can make your own by clicking the photo and typing in Cord Wraps in the search box or you can follow this link to purchase them. Cable organizers   2. Mail Tray {Read More}

10 Natural Cleaning Hacks with Lemons

10 Natural Cleaning Hacks with Lemons   There is nothing like the smell of fresh lemons.  But lemons do more than small good they are great for cleaning your whole house.  They are a natural alternative to the chemicals typically used to clean our homes and far safer for our environment. Because of their natural deodorizing and disinfectant properties I put together these 10 natural cleaning hacks with lemons to clean your whole house. What you will Need: Fresh lemons {Read More}

Delicious Holiday Peanut Brittle

Delicious Holiday Peanut Brittle   I remember growing up my mom always bought peanut brittle at Christmas time.  I am not sure why that was but to this day I associate Christmas with peanut brittle.  I figured this year I would share my favorite simple to make holiday peanut brittle recipe that you can make right at home.  I like a buttery flavor to my brittle so I am using a nice flavorful Irish butter in this recipe. Although corn {Read More}

Dollar Store Faux Mercury Glass Hurricanes

Dollar Store Faux Mercury Glass Hurricanes I love mercury glass but it can be hard to find and expensive if it is real so I decided to share this tutorial on how to make your own Dollar Store faux Mercury Glass Hurricanes.  It is super easy to do and only requires a few items to make these expensive looking pieces that can be used for candle holders, candy jars or just for decoration. What you will Need: Dollar store pillar {Read More}

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornament Christmas will soon be upon us so I thought I would start by making these cute little cinnamon stick Christmas tree ornaments.  They are terrific ornaments that have a little bit of rustic charm and a pinch of cinnamon scent at the same time.  They are super easy to make with just a few scraps of fabric, a little fiberfill and  some cinnamon sticks.  Just print out the pattern and follow this simple tutorial and {Read More}

Cranberry Waffles

These cranberry waffles are the prefect after Thanksgiving breakfast treats.  I have included the complete recipe here but if you would like you can substitute your favorite waffle mix like Bisquick and add the cranberry sauce for a really quick and easy next day breakfast. Print Recipe Cranberry Waffles Use left over cranberry sauce to make these terrific cranberry waffles. They are a perfect day after Thanksgiving breakfast treat. Cuisine Breakfast Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 2 minutes Servings {Read More}

Delicious Apple Pie Bites

Delicious Apple Pie Bites I came across this recipe from the Blond Cook and Pillsbury and had to share it with you.  These delicious apple pie bites are so simple to make and so yummy I really encourage you to give them a try.  They take just a few ingredients and thirty minutes of your time and you have a terrific warm apple bite sized treat. What you will need: Original can of Pillsbury crescent rolls 1 small granny smith {Read More}

Halloween Candy Corn Cheesecake in a Jar.

Ingredients Crust: 1 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 tablespoon sugar Filling: 2 pounds of cream cheese, at room temperature 1 2/3 cup sugar 1/4 cup cornstarch 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 large room temperature eggs 3/4 cup cream, half & half, or whole milk Lemon zest Red and yellow food coloring Whipped cream Candy corn for garnish Seven 1/2 pint mason jars Large slow cooker Step 1:  Mix the graham cracker crumbs with the tablespoon of sugar.  You can use either {Read More}

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