How to Make a Tortilla Warmer


finished tortilla warmer square

I love Mexican food.  Probably because I live in Southern California and it is here in abundance.  There is really good Mexican food here.  I have learned to make my own though not as good as you get in local restaurants and homes but nevertheless I do make it.  There are times when I need to heat my tortillas. No I do not make my own. In light of my failure to make my own I need to warm up the remade ones you get in the supermarket.  This tortilla warmer is a beginner sewing project that anyone with basic sewing skills can make in no time at all. 

I found this really cute salsa and pepper fabric at JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores and thought it would be perfect for this project.  You could choose any fabric you like so long as it is 100% cotton.  I chose a 100% Kona cotton for the lining of this project that I also got at JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores but you could head to Hobby Lobby, Fabric.com or onlinefabricstore.net to get the perfect fabric for your tortilla warmer.  I also used Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% cotton batting for this project as well.  Since this is a food grade project it is important that you use 100% cotton materials in this project.  

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What you will Need: How to Make a tortilla warmer

Step 1: Cut the circles

Using a compass or an 11″ plate draw a circle on your main fabric, lining fabric and Wrap-N-Zap batting.  You will be drawing two of each fabric and batting. Cut them out so that you have two of each fabric and batting

Cut your fabrics

Step 2: stitch the circles

Place one piece of batting on your work surface.  Lay one piece of outer fabric right sides up on the batting.  Then place one piece of lining right sides down on top of the outer fabric.  Stitch the layers together leaving an opening for turning.  Repeat for the other set of fabrics and batting.  You will have two sets of three layers. 

Place outer fabric right side up
Place lining right sides down

Step 3: Turn the circles

Turn the circles right sides out through the opening and press.  

Turn right sides out

Step 4: Top Stitch your Tortilla warmer

Turn the raw edges in so that they are even with the seam.  Clip out some of the batting if it makes it easier. Top stitch all the way around the two circles making sure to enclose the opening as you go.  Stitch lines 1″ apart on each circle.  I used black thread in the machine and red in the bobbin to make my stitches discreet,  If you want to make the stitches in the lining different than those on the main fabric simply change out the bobbin thread.  

Quilt the circles

Step 5: Attach the two circles

Place the two circles on top of each other lining sides together.  Topstitch them together on top of your previous topstitch line about 2/3 of the way around the circle making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.  Add your tortillas and toss them in the microwave for a quick warm up.  

join the circles
How to Make a Tortilla Warmer
Finished tortilla warmer 

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How to Make a Tortilla Warmer





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