Free Bi Fold Wallet Tutorial

Free Bi Fold Wallet Tutorial I took a Craftsy class on Wallet making called Sewing Wallets Step by Step a while back and I just loved it.  It was a very well done class and worth the sale price I paid for it.  Since then I have been making wallets like crazy.  They are much easier than you think to make them.  I would recommend that you take the class if you can otherwise I came across a terrific free {Read More}

Sew a Basic Tote Using Remnants

Sew a Basic Tote Using Remnants As you all know, I have a closet full of remnants and am always looking for things to make with them.  Remnants are the last yard or less of fabric left on a bolt that is sold for half price at your local fabric store. In this case I happened to have some blue faux suede and blue and white floral fabric so I decided to sew a basic tote out of remnants.  I {Read More}

Quick and Easy Fabric Trays

Quick and Easy Fabric Trays I came across this fabulous idea on how to make quick and easy fabric trays and wanted to share it with you.  You can use these trays anywhere to hold keys, trinkets, jewelry and more.  It only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to make these terrific trays so give them a try if you have some scraps of fabric laying around your stash.  I used old jeans and a fat quarter that {Read More}

Three Dimensional Stuffed Christmas Tree

Three Dimensional Stuffed Christmas Tree Of course I have a lot of Christmas themed remnant fabric so I needed an easy project to make with it.  I decided that a three dimensional stuffed Christmas tree would fit the bill.  This is a project that I saw on Pinterest and decided to share it with you.  It is a beginning sewing project that anyone can create in a very short amount of time.  When you are finished this tree will be {Read More}

Country Christmas Stockings From Jeans

Country Christmas Stockings From Jeans As you know, upcycling jeans is one of my favorite things and I came across this terrific idea and thought I would share it with you.  These adorable country Christmas stockings from jeans are super simple to make and add the perfect touch to your country Christmas.  I just love them and hope that you will give them a try. What you will Need: Pattern Old pair of jeans 1/2 yd of Christmas fabric Christmas {Read More}

Boxy Zippered Pouch

Boxy Zippered Pouch Here is a terrific boxy zippered pouch that can be used for many different purposes.  You can even turn into a pouch for men’s shaving gear by changing up the fabric or using faux leather.  This pouch is great for travel too.  It is super easy to make.  You just need basic sewing skills for this project so lets get started. What you will Need: – 12″ zipper – 2 exterior panels 13″ x 8″ – 2 {Read More}

Perfect Holiday Wine Tote

Perfect Holiday Wine Tote   The holiday season is coming. Like many people I like to give wine as gifts and this year I have made my own wine totes to go along with the gifts of wine.  these wine totes are super easy to make and require just a little bit of fabric and some interfacing.  You can use any fabric you like but I chose a cut little pumpkin print for the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.  This {Read More}

Fall Sewing Patterns Learn to Sew this Pumpkin Trio

  How to sew a fall pumpkin sewing pattern for home decorations for autumn. Sewing a trio of fall pumpkins in autumn color fabrics. Source: Fall Sewing Patterns Learn to Sew this Pumpkin Trio

Create New Looks From Old Jeans

Create New Looks From Old Jeans Create new looks from old jeans. There are so many things you can create from old jeans that I thought I would take some time and show you how to create some really fun and fashionable items from old jeans.  Between me, my husband and my son we have a few pair of old jeans so I set my sights on creating a few different projects with everyone in mind. For this series, all {Read More}

Free DIY Passport Wallet Pattern

Free DIY Passport Wallet Pattern I am taking my first ever vacation with my husband alone to Ireland and decided to create this easy to make and free DIY passport wallet pattern to carry both of my passports, my identification and credit cards as well as my phone and money all in one place.  I was amazed at just how easy this pattern came together and how little time it took to make.  I hope that you will think the {Read More}

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