PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match

PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match



PicMonkey and Social Media are the Perfect Match.  You may have noticed that my pictures and overall presentation of the projects from Sew Very Crafty have drastically improved.  I still have a way to go on the photos but the presentation is definitely on the upswing.  Why is that you ask? The answer is easy.  I discovered PicMonkey,  I had no idea that there was a place that I could go to create the perfect pin for Pinterest or the perfect post for Facebook and other social media sites.  If you like to pin and post like I do or you have a blog that you want to drive traffic to, PicMonkey will make your life so much easier and more beautiful. My blog traffic has exploded since I began using PicMonkey and creating beautiful looking pins on Pinterest. PicMonkey makes it so easy that even I can do it and if I can do it so can you.

Pinning and Posting

I have learned that there is more to pinning and posting than just throwing a picture onto your social media sites. To get more traffic, more shares and more re-pins there must be some thought behind it and PicMonkey gives you all of the features you need to create beautiful and thoughtful pins and posts. You can also create flyers, book covers and logos in just a few clicks.

How to create the perfect Pin or Post

I have put together a video on how to create beautiful pins using PicMonkey that you can watch here.  But PicMonkey has so much more to offer.  Not only can you create great looking social media posts but PicMonkey is also a photo editor where you can touch up and resize photos.  It has airbrush, blemish remover, mascara, and eye bright among others for the perfect image.


In addition, you can choose different effects like HD or black and white and choose overlays, shapes and even textures. You can add background images and colors all in a single click.  Creating collages of your favorite photos is a snap with the collage tool.  You can easily turn them into cards or save them to your computer.  PicMonkey is perfect for anyone that keeps and edits photos.

PicMonkey is a Great Value

Picmonkey makes it fun and easy to create social media and the perfect photographic image without breaking the bank! You can subscribe to PicMonkey for $7.99 per month or only $71.88 if you purchase a whole year.  That comes to just $5.99 per month!  The price is well worth it.  I use it everyday for my blog, my social media posts and for my personal photographs.  Creating picture Christmas cards was easy this year with this product and invitations are a snap.

PicMonkey is Web based

The other great feature of PicMonkey is that it is browser-based.  In other words you don’t have to download anything and you can access your projects from your computer, tablet or phone at any time from anywhere. It is super easy to navigate no matter what platform you are using and is far more intuitive than Photoshop. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend this product.  Like all of my affiliates, I do not advertise them unless I use them myself and find them to be worthy of my recommendation.  Click on any of the links to start your free trial today.  You will be glad you did.

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