Passion for Blogging 101: Learn to Blog for Fun and Profit

Passion for Blogging 101

Passion for Blogging 101
Passion for Blogging 101

Become a Blogger for Profit

Do you want to start a blog?  Do You want to make money doing it?  Have you ever wondered how I started my money making blog?  If so, I have the eBook for you.  Passion for Blogging 101 is the ultimate beginners guide to starting a blog, building a following, and making money doing it.  This 85 page downloadable eBook walks you step by step through:

  • How to create a blog
  • How to Brand it
  • How to write a Blog Post
  • The basics of blog photography
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to promote your blog
  • How to increase your email list
  • How to monetize your blog
  • The statistics behind your blog

What you will Learn

You will learn how to determine your niche, choose a theme, use WordPress, and more.  Creating a blog is not as hard as it looks and Passion for Blogging 101 will set you on the right track by providing you with the tips and tricks to starting your own blog as well as directing you to the resources you need to grow and monetize it the same way I did.  Passion for Blogging 101 contains affiliate links to the products that I use to promote and monetize my own blog.  There are no affiliate links in this ebook that I do not use myself. They have successfully worked for me I am confident that they will work for you too.  

Now is the Time

Stop procrastinating! Now is the time to start your own money making blog from scratch with this ultimate beginners guide. This Ebook is a one stop shop for everything you need to get started and to succeed in blogging for fun and for profit. All you need to do is click the Buy Now Button. 

Not only will you receive Passion for Blogging 101 you will also receive all future additions and amendments for free.  

Even if you choose not to purchase the book right now sign up for our newsletter below and receive our free blogging planner. 

Are you ready to start your own passion for blogging?


Buy it right now for only $9.99

Whether you have a blog or are just thinking of starting one, join others with a passion for blogging by joining my Passion for Blogging 101 Facebook group for tips and tricks on blogging.  It is free to join.


Tonya from Granny’s Hatbox wrote: Diana Callaghan Your book is amazing! Worth more than you are asking to newbies! I wish I had it before I started my blog because it would have made a big difference!


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