How to Make Dollar Tree Salt Shaker Snowmen

How to Make Dollar Tree Salt Shaker Snowmen

Here is another fun Dollar Tree Christmas craft. Learn how to make Dollar Tree Salt Shaker Snowmen with this tutorial. These are so simple to make and only require Dollar Tree products if you want. Dollar Tree sells paint to create the painted parts of this project so you have no need to go elsewhere. It is truly a one stop shopper this project. This is a really cute Christmas home decor project that takes just minutes to make. If you would like more Dollar Tree crafts check out my other Dollar Tree crafts here.

What you will Need: How to make Dollar tree Salt Shaker Snowmen

Step 1: Paint your Table Tennis Ball

I realize the table tennis ball is white already but the surface is slick and plastic and not the finish I wanted so I decided to paint it white. I got the texture I wanted and it made it easier to paint on. Since the bottom was going to be covered and I didn’t have any skewers, I hot glued my balls to some paper and sprayed them white then pulled them off the paper. Not the neatest way to do it but it worked.

Step 2: Fill the Shaker

Take the top off the shaker and fill the shaker 1/3 full of white glitter.

Add the glitter

Step 3: Glue on the Table Tennis Ball

Using either hot glue or e6000 glue the table tennis ball to the top of the shaker.

Glue on the balls

Step 4: Paint the Face and Add the Buttons

Using the black paint, paint on the eyes, the mouth and the buttons using small dots. With the orange paint paint a small sideways triangle to act as the carrot nose. Let dry. You could also use small buttons that you could hot glue onto the snowman.

Paint the face
Add the buttons

Step 5: Add the Ribbon or garland

For the snowman I added a a piece of ribbon to act as a scarf around the threads of the shaker. For the snow woman I added the garland instead. I removed the gnomes from the garland. Place the silver shaker top at a jaunty angle on the ball to act the snowman’s hat and glue. Once the top was added my Dollar Tree salt shaker snowmen were complete.

Add the caps and the boa and scarf
How to Make Dollar Tree Salt Shaker Snowmen

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