DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Finished Makeup Bag

I found this DIY Pleated Makeup Bag from Simply Sewing, a British publication that I subscribe too.  I have created many bags similar to this one but this particular bag came in a kit so I thought I would put it together as a tutorial for the upcoming holiday season.  The colors in this bag are fun and perky but you can use Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Years fabrics to match whatever occasion you are attending.  Make it your own but make it fun.

If you need fabric and notions for this DIY makeup bag project head over to my affiliates and Hobby Lobby for a great selection. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

What you will Need: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

  • Pattern
  • Fat 1/4 or remnant of your main exterior fabric
  • Fat 1/4 or remnant of your interior fabric
  • 1/4 yd Pellon Fusible 911FF interfacing
  • 9″ Zipper
  • 1 package of bias binding either purchased or your own.
  • 1 button
  • Standard sewing supplies.
DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Makeup Bag Supplies


Step 1: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Cut the pattern and mark the pleat lines from both fabrics and the lightweight interfacing.  You should have two striped pieces, two polka dot pieces, and two lightweight interfacing pieces.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Cut Pattern Pieces

Step 2: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Fuse the interfacing to your outer fabric according to manufacturers instructions.  I chose the blue and white stripe as my exterior fabric and the green dot for my lining.

Step 3: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Once you have fused the interfacing to the fabric pieces, fold the center pleats by folding the fabric from the shorter line to the longer line on each side and press then pin or clip. I really like these wonder clips and highly recommend them. If you want to purchase your own set of clips you can buy them at Amazon by clicking this wonder clips link.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Pleat Following the Lines

Step 3: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Now it is time to add the zipper.  This application is like many we have done before.  Place one outer piece face up. Place the zipper face down making sure that it is centered with the outer piece.  Pin.  Add a lining piece right side down over the zipper making sure everything lines up and pin.  Stitch the layers together using a zipper foot.   Repeat this process for the other side of the zipper.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Sandwich the Zipper Between the Outer Fabric and the Lining

Step 4: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Open the layers so that the zipper is in the center.  Press the layers back so they won’t interfere with the zipper.  I advise top stitching the zipper at this point to completely prevent the catching the fabric.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Open the Sides Out so the Zipper is in the Middle

Step 5: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Pull the zipper at least half way open.  Match the two outer fabrics together and the two lining fabrics together.  Make sure the ends of the zipper are going in the same direction.  Sew the outer fabric all the way around.  Sew the lining fabric so there is a 2″ gap that will allow you to turn the bag.  I used 1/4″ seam allowance.  Take care not to sew over the zipper.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Place Matching Fabrics Right Sides Together

Step 6: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

Turn the bag right side out through the 2″ gap you left in the lining.  Hand stitch the gap closed.  Press the bag to remove wrinkles.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Turned Bag

Step 7: DIY Pleated Makeup Bag

There are many ways to embellish your bag.  I chose to use the bias binding to make a flower with the button at the center.  The kit provides a flower pattern and some embroidery floss if you would like to embroider a flower on your bag.  If you would like to add the bias binding flower you simply need to loop the bias binding to make the first loop then follow it with a second loop opposite.  Make two additional loops on each side and tack in the middle.  Make two additional smaller petal layers and add a button to the middle and sew it to your bag.  Since you are making your bag without the kit, the sky is the limit for fabric’s and embellishments.  Good luck with this one.  It is super easy and fun to take to any party or anywhere.

DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
Finished Makeup Bag
DIY Pleated Makeup Bag
DIY Pleated Makeup Bag Interior





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