How to Create A Fabric Alphabet

How to Create A Fabric Alphabet

How to Create a Fabric Alphabet


I love fabric letters.  I wanted to make some for Halloween and Christmas this year for my mantle decor.  While I was at it I thought I would share this tutorial with you.  This is a super simple project that anyone with a sewing machine and a printer can make.  You can spell out any words that you want using this simple technique.  While you are at it use some fun fabrics.  Whether you are spelling out a baby’s name or a Holiday theme there are loads of fun fabrics to make your project perfect.  

I used scrap holiday fabrics that I had on hand for this project.  In fact, this project is perfect for scraps, remnants, fat quarters or charm squares. Each letter only requires a 6″ x 6″ square of fabric and some light weight quilt batting to complete. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

What you will Need: How to Create a Fabric Alphabet

  • Scraps of fabric for each letter
  • Light weight quilt batting 
  • Standard sewing supplies
  • Computer and Printer
  • Frixion Heat Erasable Pen
What you will Need fabric alphabet

Step 1: Print out your Letters

Choose a block type font for your letters.  I chose Verdana Pro Black. It was a standard font on my Word program.  I changed the color to Gray so that it wouldn’t use up so much ink and I increased the size to 400 px.  Cut out the letters.  

Cut out the letters

Step 2: Cut your fabrics

Cut two squares of fabric that measure 6″ x 6″ for each letter and one piece of batting.  I chose different fabrics for each letter for interest. 

Step 3: Trace your letters

Trace your letters onto one of each of the fabric squares.

Trace the letters

Step 4: layer the fabrics

Layer each lettered fabric piece with a piece of batting and the corresponding piece of fabric like a sandwich and pin. 

Sandwich the fabrics

Step 5: Stitch the letters

Using your sewing machine stitch the outline of each letter.  

Stitch the letters

Step 6: Cut the letters

Cut the letters just outside the stitching line.  You could use pinking shears for this if you have them as the edges will remain raw. Press the letters to erase the pen marking and you have completed your fabric alphabet.  I made my fabric letters for Christmas. If you would like more Christmas projects check out my Holiday Projects Vault.

Cut the letters
How to Create a Fabric Alphabet
Finished letters

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How to Create a Fabric Alphabet




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