How to Make Dollar Tree Stacked Letters

How to Make dollar tree stacked Letters

I came across a photo of this project ion the internet and decided to try to recreate it for you here. it is another Dollar Tree Craft that makes terrific Home decor. This Dollar Tree home decor project like all of my Dollar Tree crafts is super simple to make and results in fun and attractive decor for your home. if you enjoy Dollar Tree Crafts as much as I do check out my other Dollar Tree Crafts here.

What You will Need: How to Make Dollar Tree Stacked Letters

Step 1: Glue the Tumbling Block Game Pieces

  • Bottom
    • Glue 30 pieces together 3 x 10 as shown
    • On top of the bottom glue a tray of 12 pieces that creates a tray around the edge
Bottom with tray
  • Top
    • Glue 30 pieces together 3 x 10 just like the bottom
    • Create a tray just like the bottom
  • Corners
    • Glue 6 pieces end to end for one half of the corner and 6 pieces for the other half. Glue them together. Repeat for all four corners.
    • Glue the corner pieces to each of the bottom corners.
Create the corners
  • Add the top to the corners to stabilize the tower of pieces using your hot glue. I glued mine because my corners were a little wonky but if your corners are nice and straight you can keep it loose.

Step 2: Paint the Tumbling Block Game Pieces

Paint the entire tower the color of your choice or keep it natural. I chose Dollar Tree brown tempura for mine and used two coats.

Paint the tower

Step 3: Prepare the Foam Dice

I ordered the all white dice from the Dollar Tree website but if you have the colored dice paint them white. Starting at the bottom of each die place ribbon on one complete side of eace die gluing as you go. I chose the Dollar Try ribbon with the lace in the center. On the front of each die place a letter of your choice. I chose the dollar Tree poster board letters for mine.

Wrap the ribbon
Add the letters

Step 4: Finish the Dice

Stack the dice gluing them together as you to form the word the you want. Make sure that the ribbon lines up. Tie a nice bow at the top and embellish as you like.

Stack the letters
Add the bow and flower

Step 5: Finish the Dollar Tree Stacked Letters

Add a loop of rope to the top back of the tower. Embellish the top with a nice flower and you have finished your Dollar tree Stacked Letters.

Add the rope and flowers
How to Make dollar tree stacked Letters

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