Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2016

Well it is the New Year.  I am hoping that this year bodes better than last year.  I am generally an optimistic person so I am looking forward to a New Year full of promise, love, friendship, and success.  I am so fortunate to have family and friends who love me and that I love.  I have a career that I have worked toward since I was about 10 years old that has fulfilled me in so many ways.  There have been disappointments to be sure but I am hoping that this year will see them behind me and the promise of the New Year will unfold like the petals of the flowers in spring.  My son continues to work hard at his new job and I pray that he continues to follow his dreams.  It is so hard for young people these days.  It was hard for us too but now, jobs are more difficult to find and careers even harder.

We are at the beginning of 2016.  Most everyone is looking for the positive in the year to come as am I.  I will continue to work hard at my job, create new projects for Sewverycrafty.com and new handbags and other items for my Etsy shop at www.sewmemineboutique.etsy.com  After so many knee and back surgeries, Sewverycrafty and sewmemineboutique has kept me sane while I have been off work.  I have loved exploring my creative side and will continue to do that even when I return to my duties full-time at work.

I have also begun a new adventure which is as an editor of a baseball blog focusing on the National League Central Division.  As you know I am I die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan and have been asked to help administer and edit the blog.  I think it will be a good opportunity to really get involved with people across the country who are as passionate about baseball as I am and who are committed to providing a place for NLCD fans to get insight and information.  It seems that the national sports media forgets about the NLCD even though it is the most competitive division in baseball.  They seem only concerned with New York and Los Angeles.  I have never done anything like this so it will be a new and exciting experience for me.  I hope it all goes well.

My husband and I are hoping that my back gets better by the summer so that we can plan a trip somewhere.  We are thinking Ireland or maybe Cooperstown.  We will have to see how the back is doing.  Both places are on the list for someday but we both must be healthy to make it fun.  Hopefully this will be the year for that.  Right now it is hard to say.  I am only two weeks after surgery and I am still pretty sore.  I am, as always, optimistic that things will get better and we will be able to make the trip.  Fingers crossed for that.

Here we are, 2016 ahead of us with all of the optimism that precedes every New Year.  I am looking forward to year ahead with hopes of finally working full-time with full duties and continuing my personal projects and doing more with my church.  Some things I have control over and some things I do not.  Hopefully everything turns out well.  Happy New Year everyone.





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