How to make a Diaper Clutch

How to make a Diaper Clutch

How to Make a Diaper Clutch


How to make a diaper clutch.  I was recently asked to make some projects for moms and one of the projects that was suggested is a diaper clutch. I decided to create a tutorial on how to make a simple baby diaper changing clutch to fit diapers, wipes and a burp cloths.  This diaper clutch pattern is super simple to make and allows you to make the perfect diaper changing clutch in fun patterns and colors.  I, of course, used fabrics from my stash but if you don’t have a stash like mine go to Hobby Lobby or to find the perfect fabric for your project.

This is a beginner sewing project that requires only basic sewing skills.  This project can be completed in an hour with either remnants or fat quarters. If you would like a beginner Breast Feeding Cover pattern and tutorial take a look at my guest post at Real Mom Recs and give that project a try.

What you will Need:

Step 1: Cut out the Fabric

  • Cut the outer fabric and the lining fabric 22 3/4″ x 11″
  • Cut 2 additional outer fabric pieces that measure 8″ x 2″ for the closure.

Step 2: Create the Strap

Create the strap by placing the pieces right sides together and sewing around both long edges and one short edge using 1/4″ seam allowance.  Clip the corners and turn right side out.

Step 3: Top Stitch

Tuck the edges of the opening under and top stitch around the entire circumference of the strap.

Step 4: Add the Strap

Add the strap to the short side of the outer wallet piece.  Center the strap on one of the short sides and 8 3/4″ from the edge.   Sew the strap to the middle part of the wallet using a box with an X in the middle for sturdiness.

Step 5: Add the Lining

Sew the outer fabric and the lining fabric right sides together.  Make sure that the strap stays out of the way of the sewing.  Leave a small opening on the short end for turning the fabric right sides out.

Step 6: Top Stitch

Clip the corners and turn the fabric right sides out and press.  Top stitch along the short sides enclosing the opening you left for turning.  The short sides will be your pockets.

Step 7: Create the pockets

Form the pockets by folding over the short ends toward the middle with the lining side facing up.  The pockets should measure 4 1/2″ wide each.

How to Make a Diaper Clutch

Step 8: Measure the pockets

Pin the pockets in place and insert your items to see if they fit and the wallet can be closed.  If not simply adjust the pockets before you sew them down.

Step 9: Top stitch

Top stitch along the long edges so that the pockets are secured to the wallet.

Step 10: Add the Kam Snaps

Add one half of the snap to the strap end and the other half of the snap 2 1/2″ from the opposite folded edge and centered. If you do not know how to install a plastic snap.  Just follow this tutorial and you will see just how easy it is.


You have now finished this easy to make diaper clutch and can use it for all of your child’s necessities. I hope you have enjoyed making this beginner sewing project.


How to Make a Diaper Clutch

I hope you enjoy making this fun diaper changing clutch pattern.  It is fun and functional and a perfect addition to your baby’s needs. If you would like to create my Breast Feeding cover that I made as a guest poster. Visit Caitlin at Real Mom Recs and take a look at this terrific breast feeding cover pattern and tutorial along with her other parenting hacks.

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  1. Enjoyed doing the diaper clutch, however, not sure what I did wrong. The strap did not work as per instructions, I had to make it longer, disapppointed at myself.

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