How to Make Yo Yo Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make Yo Yo Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love fabric yo yos.  You can use them to decorate almost anything and you can make some fun Christmas ornaments out of them.  These fun Christmas tree ornaments are the perfect Christmas yo yo project for your Christmas tree. Yo yos are super simple to make and can add a lot of fun to any project. In fact, you can make bedspreads out of them, decorate purses, and make yo yo flowers.  The list is endless for these fun little fabric decorations. 

You can make yo yos totally by hand or you can purchase yo yo makers in all different sizes to make them even easier to create.  I decided to purchase a kit of yo yo makers in various sizes to make my yo yos for this project but you can make them by hand if you want.  I find the yo yo makers to be far easier and worth the purchase if you are going to make a lot of yo yos.  Believe me when you start making them you will want to make a lot of them.  I Chose a variety of Christmas fabrics for this project.  You don’t need much fabric so fat quarters or remnants are perfect.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you will need: How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments

How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
What you will Need yo yos

Step 1: Cut the Fabrics

If you are using yo yo makers you will see that there is a plate and a disk.  The plate is the larger circle that the fabric sits in and the disk fits on top of the plate and sandwiches the fabric. Cut a square of fabric that is just a bit bigger than the plate of the yo yo maker. You will do this for two extra large yo yos, two large yo yos, one small yo yo and one extra small yo yo. So you will have six squares of fabric in total. 

How to Make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Cut the fabric

Step 2: Place the Fabric in the Maker

Lay the plate on your work surface and place the square of fabric so that if lays flat in the plate and the fabric hangs over the edges.  Place the disk on top of the fabric and press down until it clicks.  Trim the excess fabric around the plate.  

How to make yo yo Christmas Tree ornaments
Place Fabric in plate
How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Trim the excess fabric
How to Make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Trimmed fabric

Step 3: stitch the yo yo

You will see that there are holes in the disc and slots in the plate. Knot your thread and push it through one of the holes in the disc through the fabric and one side of the slot.   Push the needle up through the other side of the slot through the next hole in the disc and through the fabric.  Proceed in this fashion until you have completed the full circle.  

How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Stitch the yo yo

Step 4: Remove the fabric

Once you have stitched all the way around the disc, remove it from the plate by simply pushing it through the center.  Push the stitching off of the disc and remove the disc from the fabric.  

How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Remove the disc

Step 5: Pull the Thread

Pull the thread so that the edges of the fabric pull to the inside.  The yo yo is now created.  Tie a knot in the center of the raw edges of the yo yo to secure it and you have completed the yo yo.  

How to make yo yo Christmas tree ornaments
Pull the thread

Step 6: Make the Tree

To create the tree ornament thread a 1/8″ wide piece of ribbon onto a large eyed needle.  I used a doll makers needle for its large eye and length.  Starting with the extra small yo yo, insert the needle into the center of the raw edge side of the yo yo.  String the rest of the yo yos from smallest to largest onto the ribbon leaving a long tail at the top.  Add the jingle bell to the ribbon.  Feed the ribbon back up through the yo yos and pull them so that they make the tree shape.  Tie the ribbon at the top so that there is enough to hang it on the tree. 

How to Make yo you Christmas tree ornaments
Yo yo Christmas Tree


Step 7: Add the Bow

Tie a small bow from the ribbon and sew it to the top of the extra small yo yo and you have completed your yo yo Christmas tree ornament.  

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