Sewing Tips From Around the Web

Sewing Tips From Around the Web

In Sewing Tips from Around the Web, I have searched around the web looking for a few sewing tips and tricks that will be helpful for beginners and experts.  There are many ideas out there and I certainly could not include them all so I chose a few of my favorites to include in this post.  I am sure there will be many more.

13 Sewing Hacks: Sewing Tips Around Web

13-Sewing-Hacks-that-are-Pure-Genius Sewing Tips Around Web

I started with Amber’s 13 Sewing Hacks from her web site at  This is a terrific list of fun and functional sewing hacks from a variety of other web sources. Amber has done an excellent job of compiling this list among dozens of other lists in her obsessive world of lists.  I particularly liked the use of toe separators for bobbins and the tip on correctly adding bias binding.  Anything that helps me to keep my bobbins in order is a godsend.  Amber has a list for just about everything so if you get a chance, head on over to to see what she has to offer.  Her site is a lot of fun.

Sewing Machine Stitches: Sewing Tips Around Web

Sewingmachinestitches Sewing Tips Around Web
Sewing Machine Stitches

Next, I went to Amber over at Crazy Little Projects and her post on what all these sewing machine stitches are. Amber gives a brief rundown on all of the stitches that most machines come with as part of their standard stitch selection.  It is nice little explanation that can help you determine which stitch is best for your next project.  While you are there, take a look at Amber’s other projects, especially her many children’s projects.  They are terrific.  I particularly like her towel animals.  They are so much fun.

Using the Double Needle Sewing Tips Around Web
Using the Double Needle

My next stop was Sew it Love it and Ashley’s tutorial on using the double needle  I loved this one because the double needle is a mystery to many but it provides a great crisp look when used correctly.  Ashley takes the mystery out of the double needle and teaches everyone how easy it is to use and why it just might be the perfect choice for your next project.  Ashley has a variety of projects and how to’s on her site if you want to click around to find a new project or just a little inspiration.

Flat-felled Seams Sewing Tips Around Web
Flat-felled Seams

Oliver + s is a terrific web site for the more advanced sewer. At I found a tutorial on how to create the best flat felled seam.  This seam finish is perfect for making clean finished garments.  Though it is a more advanced technique it is not that difficult once you get the hang of it.  Oliver + s provides many free sewing technique tutorials that will help everyone become a better sewer.  Just log onto and click on any one of their categories to learn sewing techniques, seam finishes, embellishments, customizations, and others.  It is a terrific site to gain knowledge on a variety of sewing techniques.

Serged Hems Tips and Tricks Sewing Tips Around Web
Serged Hems Tips and Tricks

I decided to add in Heather’s tips on using her serger to make the perfect serged hem. Most of you do not own a serger but with Heather’s help at you may change your mind and realize that a serger will become your best friend if you are making a lot of garments and if you use a lot of knit fabrics.  The serger is particularly useful when working with fabrics that fray.  In her tutorial, Heather provides a list of uses for the serged hem and the directions for creating the perfect serged hem.  Take some and head on over to get the particulars on using a serger for the hems in your project.

How to make Bias Binding Sewing tips Around Web
How to make Bias Binding

Lastly, I added my own tutorial on how to make your own bias binding to match any project which you can find on my site at  It is much easier than it looks and has limitless applications.  By making your own, You are not limited to just the pre-made version you find at your local fabric store but can make coordinating or contrasting binding to suit your project.

I hope you have enjoyed this short trip around the web and a few tips and tricks for sewers everywhere.  There will certainly be more in the future as there are so many out there that everyone can learn from.  Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have a tip or trick please feel free to share it with us.  We can all learn from each other.




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