Patriotism is not Racism

Patriotism is not Racism

Patriotism is not Racism

My husband is originally from England so we were eagerly watching the Brexit vote on Thursday night.  That day, he did some informal polling of family and friends and decided that the vote was very close but that the Brits would decide to leave.  Of course this was a small not so random sampling but it was good enough for him and if allowed to vote he would have voted out. As the results came in he was joyous in the decision of the British people to become a sovereign nation again.  However, as the results were confirmed accusations of racism came pouring in from all parts of the world including the educated elites of the country itself. It seems that the elites have confused patriotism with racism.

Similar accusations have been made in this country, the most welcoming country in the world.  The globalists and the political elites would have us believe that because we want borders and organization to immigration and we want jobs for Americans first that we are xenophobic and racist. That simply is not true. We only want to support our own regardless of their color, race, religion, or national origin before those from the rest of the world.  That is being patriotic not racist.

What Britain is facing is the same dilemma we are facing here in the United States.  We want our people to have jobs and a future for their children.  We are sympathetic to the plight of those less fortunate around the world and that is why we give more money in foreign aid than any other country, we accept more legal immigrants than any other country, and we provide more opportunities to succeed for foreign-born citizens than any other country in the world.

Why then are we always accused of xenophobia and racism?  Perhaps it is because Americans, whether they were born here or not, believe that they are entitled to a certain standard of living and that their children are entitled to the same opportunities to succeed as those in the elite class of politicians, the rich, and the global financial class.  To have these opportunities that Americans have always had, they must be paid a living wage but the elitists would rather have a stream of illegal immigrants and refugees from around the world who are willing to work for half the price and live 12 to a room because it is still better than where they came from.  It recalls the Irish tenements of New York City in the 19th century.  I thought we had learned from that and moved on to a better existence for all of the members of our society.  I suppose some of us believe in more while the elites inside the beltway who never see the slums and poor working conditions of the non-citizen have no problem with the status quo so long as it gets them reelected or continues to line their pockets with the money produced by half priced labor and few if any benefits.

Britain finally said enough is enough.  Will the US do the same?  Is it time to stop being cowed by false accusations of racism and stand up for America?  It seems to me that an American is any citizen of the United States.  There are no hyphens in American.  There are no Irish-Americans, African-Americans, or Muslim-Americans.  There are only Americans and non-Americans.  If you are an American you support American ideals, American exceptionalism, and American values.   It does not matter where you or your ancestors came from or what religious beliefs you hold dear. All that matters is that you are an American and that you or your ancestors came here for a better life not the same life you left or like my family created a country that so willingly accepts any person who wants to come here and be an American so long as they follow the rules.




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