Top 8 Bag Making Supplies Every Sewer Needs

Top 8 Bag Making Supplies Every Sewer Needs


I love making handbags.  Of all of my sewing projects, handbags are my favorite to sew.  If you are a handbag addict like I am there are a few supplies that every bag maker should have on hand.  Here is a list of the top  10 must have bag making supplies every sewer needs.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I many receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

1.  Magnetic Snaps

One of the items that I use most often in my bag making projects is magnetic snaps.  They are the perfect closure for any handbag and can be visible or invisible.  Because they are magnetic they are made of magnetized metal but can come in different colors and sizes.  I use both the visible and invisible types in my bag and wallet making ventures.

Visible Magnetic Snaps

Invisible magnetic snaps

2.  Purse Handles

In making bags you have the choice to make your own purse handles and straps or purchase a wide variety of purse handles through Amazon or bag making supply houses like Emmaline Bags.  These companies and many others provide a wide selection of purse handles for any bag making need. Here is an example of one of hundreds of purse handles for sale at Amazon.  You can also get them at while looking for fabrics for your handbag.

3.  D-Rings

Many bags that you will make will require a D-Ring or other similar supply like O rings and rectangles to connect your straps to your bag. I have a fairly large selection of rings in my stash.  They come in different sizes and metal colors like silver, gold, and brass.

4.  Tri-Glides

Tri-glides are essential if you are going to make an adjustable handbag strap.  The tri-glide makes it possible to slide the strap up and down to adjust to the length that fits you.  These are used primarily in shoulder bags, cross-body bags and duffel bags.  I use them all the time when i make these types of bags because I like the ability to adjust my straps. They come in different colors and sizes as well as in plastic or metal.  I generally prefer the metal tri-glides for my projects.

5.  Swivel Clips

I use swivel clips often in my bag making. They are essentially hooks that swivel all the way around that you attach your straps too and clip onto your D-Rings.  Including a swivel clip allows you to remove the straps if you would like to go without.  Swivel clips come in all sizes and metal colors like D-Rings so you can get them to match and make sure they fit the width of your strap.

6.  Purse Feet

Purse feet are essential for the professionally finished hand bag. They are easy to install and come in several colors of metal.  The purpose of purse feet is to protect your bag when you put it on the floor.  If you look at any high-end bag you will see that it has purse feet.

7.  Purse Frames

Purse frames come in both hidden and visible styles.  The hidden variety fits into the inside of the bag through a casing that is made for that purpose like I did in this carpet bag. Click on the photo if you would like to purchase this bag or see additional pictures.

Perfect Little Carpet Bag
Perfect Little Carpet Bag

It gives the bag structure without being seen. Then there is the visible purse frame like the one on this bag which also gives the bag structure but is a visible addition to the style of the bag.  If you would like to purchase this bag or see additional pictures just click on the link.

Victorian Romance Handbag, Victorian Romance
Victorian Romance Handbag

Visible purse frame

Invisible internal purse frame

8. Zipper Pulls

Zipper pulls are metal pieces attached to a zipper with a clip that gives your bag the perfect finished look.  Anytime you use a zipper in your bag making a zipper pull is the perfect finishing touch.

Here you have my top 8 bag making supplies that every sewer should have when making their next perfect purse. If you would like more sewing and crafting projects sign up for our newsletter and receive your free eBook of 15 handbag patterns and tutorials.




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