Back to School

Back to School

School is upon us so I took some time to search the web to find some fun and simple projects to send the kids back to school with style.  There were so many out there that I only chose a few.  I hope you like them too.


Back to School
Back to School

Monogram Zipper Pouch

Monogram Zipper Pouch, Back to School
Monogram Zipper Pouch

I love this project.  You can personalize it any way you like using Bev’s from Flamingo Toes’  complete tutorial.  While you are there take a look at Bev’s other offerings.  She provides tutorials for sewers, jewelry makers, embroiderers, crocheters and home decorators.  Her site is definitely worth staying for a second look.

Portable First Aid Kit

portable first aid kit, Back to School
portable first aid kit


Here is another positively splendid idea to send the kids to school with from Positively Splendid.  Amy has done a terrific tutorial for a roll up first aid kit that contains all of the essentials from band-aids to sun screen.  Her easy to follow tutorial makes creating this gem super simple and customizable to any taste.  While you are there spend some time looking around Amy’s site, there are many fun tutorials for the home and garden.

Back to School Chart

A Back to School Chart, Back to School
A Back to School Chart

Another great back to school project is brought to you by The 36th Avenue.  Denise created these adorable dry erase back to school lists that every child can use.  She provides a complete tutorial that allows you to be as creative as you like. The 36th Avenue is a terrific website that provides a wide range of DIY projects, recipes and fashion ideas that are well worth the time.

Washi Tape Pencils

Washi Tape Pencils, Back to School
Washi Tape Pencils

Personalized Gel Pens

Here is another way to personalize back to school.  Take some inexpensive pencils and some multi-colored Washi Tape and put them together following the terrific tutorial presented by Catherine at The Pink Doormat.  Catherine’s site is devoted to crafts, decor and food.  This craft is perfect to do with kids and for kids on their way back to school.

Personalized Gel Pens, Back to School
Personalized Gel Pens

Another way to personalize writing implements comes from Shannon at Rosyscription.  Shannon printed shapes onto colored paper and inserted the paper into the clear bodies of gel pens.  Genius.  Shannon provides a complete step-by-step tutorial on her site along with four free printable options for shapes. What a great way to start the first day of school.

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag, Back to School
Lunch Bag

This is a terrific lunch bag presented by Kate at Design Sponge.  It is a super simple design that is easy to cut and to sew.  It is washable and reusable.  If you want you could use Frixion Pens to write on the bag to create a new message every day.  The Frixion Pens are erasable and come completely off with a hot iron.  I use them for many sewing related projects.

Art Roll-Up

Art Roll, Back to School
Art Roll

This is a terrific art/journal roll up with a complete tutorial presented by  It is perfect for back to school or even for around the house.  There is room for a journal, brushes, water colors and other necessary supplies. It is also easy to make and customizable as well.  Secures easily and takes up little room in a backpack.

That ends our trip around the web this month.  I hope you take the time to make some of these projects and visit some of these websites.  There are all kinds of back to school projects on the web.  These are just a few of my favorites.




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