How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts

How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts

I love Dollar Tree Crafts. These Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts are no different. I saw this craft on Pinterest and decided to recreate it for you here. They are a super simple Dollar Tree craft to put together using Dollar Tree supplies.  Add some glue and black spray paint and you are ready to go to create this fun Christmas project.  I really like the festive atmosphere that these lamp posts create.  It is just like a London street at night in the old days of gas lamps.  These lamps are the perfect Christmas decor project for any home this Christmas season and they don’t take long to make.  If you like this project check out my other dollar tree crafts.  

What you will Need: How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts

What you will Need Lamp Posts

Step 1: Spray Paint Your Pieces

Using spray paint that sticks to glass spray paint the glass candle sticks and the lids to the glass jars.  These will be painted black.  Make sure that you let the paint dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Paint the candle holders and lids black

Step 2: Cover the Jars with Epsom Salt

Take the glass jars and cover each with Mod Podge.  Cover each jar with the epsom salt to resemble snow on the jars.  You could also use white glitter for this as well.  Let dry.  I recommend you do this in steps.  I found that if you cover the whole jar with ModPodge it dries before you can get all of the epsom salt on it.  

Cover jar with modpodge
Add the epsom salt

Step 3: Glue the Pieces

Using the hot glue glue one glass jar to the ceramic candle holder.  Glue two ceramic candle holders together.  Then glue the second glass jar to the top.  

Glue the candle holders together
Glue on the jars

Step 4: Add the Mini Bows and Greenery

Hot glue the mini bows and greenery to the space between ceramic candle holder and the glass jar for decoration.  Glue the second mini bow and greenery to the space where you glued the two candle holders together.  You have now finished your Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts.  

How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts
Add the bow and greenery

How to Make Dollar Tree Lamp Posts

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How to Make Dollar Tree Christmas Lamp Posts




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