48 Christmas Crafts from around the Web

48 Christmas Crafts from around the Web


48 Christmas Crafts Around the Web
Christmas Crafts Around the Web

Christmas is just around the corner so I thought I would search the web for some easy and fun Christmas crafts from other bloggers.  I came across 48 projects that anyone can create with just a little time and money.  Give some of these projects a try and create your own stunning Christmas crafts.  Good luck to you all and have a Merry Christmas.

1.  Christmas Candles

Christmas Crafts around the web
Christmas Candles

This idea comes from lovethispic.com and is an easy to do craft that also makes a great Christmas gift.  Just use your printer and a blow dryer and these family favorites are yours.  All of the instructions on how to complete this project are on the website and I encourage you all to give it a try.

2.  Peppermint Cocoa Mix in a Jar

Christmas Crafts around the web
Peppermint Cocoa Mix

Here is a delicious and easy craft to make for the upcoming holiday season.  This idea comes to us via Keepcalmandcarryon.com.  Lifestyle blogger Katie from Ohio put together this terrific hot cocoa gift and these wonderful photographs.  Head on over to her blog for this ideal Christmas treat and take a look around while you are there.  I am sure there are other terrific finds for this holiday season.

3.  8 Simple Christmas Ornaments


Here is a terrific YouTube video from SoCraftastic on how to make 8 different Christmas ornaments from clear glass bulbs.  These ornaments take minutes to make and are a terrific crafty touch to any Christmas tree.  I particularly like the snowman with the hat.  So simple and step by step instructions on how to create each of the eight ornaments is contained on the video.  Head on over to YouTube or just click the link and give these ornaments a try.

4.  11 Wine Cork Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts around the web
Wine Cork Crafts

This post comes from Diybunker.com and contains posts from other bloggers who have come up with some really creative uses for wine corks to toast the Christmas season.  Even if you are not a wine drinker you can enjoy this craft by buying your corks at your local craft store.  A little paint and glue go a long way in creating these sweet little Christmas crafts so head on over to Diybunker and have a look at these fun and festive Christmas ideas.

5.  25 Pine Cone Crafts for Christmas

Christmas Crafts around the web
Pine Cone Crafts

These great ideas came from Homebnc.com and include 25 easy to make pine cone crafts from other bloggers.  Even if you don’t live in a place that has pine cones like I do you can still get involved in these terrific crafts by heading over to your local craft store and buying the pine cones there.  I am always up for easy to create but elegant crafts and these pine cones fit the bill.  Give them a try and decorate your home this holiday season with these terrific crafts.


Christmas crafts around the web

I love the smell of peppermint and using mason jars so this idea from apumpkinandaprincess.com is perfect for me.  These peppermint candles are easy to make and allow the smell of peppermint to waft through the house.  Perfect for the holiday season.  These candles with their bright red and white decoration are perfect for Christmas time and I encourage all of you to give them a try.  I certainly will.

7. Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Christmas Crafts from around the web
Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

These delicious gingerbread cookies come from thewoodenbear.com.  I love gingerbread and ginger cookies so this recipe is perfect.  Just a few ingredients and a little time and you will have the smell and taste of gingerbread in no time at all.  Just click on the link or follow the instructions on the card for this terrific holiday treat.






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