Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Paint Holiday Wine Bottles
Holiday Painted Wine Bottles

It is the holiday season and I was looking for an easy and fun holiday craft idea to make from empty wine bottles.  I decided that painting them in fun holiday decorations was just the trick.  There are so many cute ides to liven up your holiday décor that I couldn’t resist trying out a few of them.  You can paint holiday wine bottles even if you don’t drink wine by heading over to my affiliate Amazon and ordering empty wine bottles from them.  Give this project a try I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

What you will need:

  • Wine bottles
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Gold Paint Pen
  • Matte Varnish

Step 1: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

The first step is to remove the labels from the wine bottle. This is easily done by soaking the wine bottle in hot water until the glue softens.  Once the glue has softened, peel the labels off and dry the bottle.

Step 2: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

For the snowman wine bottle paint the bottom 3/4 of the bottle with a thin coat of white acrylic paint.  Let dry completely and paint a second coat.  Make sure that the bottle is completely white.  Yours may take three coats.  Mine took only two.  Before moving on to the next step make sure the white paint has completely dried.  This will be the face of your snowman.

Paint Holiday Wine Bottles
Paint the bottom white

Step 3: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Using another color, paint the top 1/4 of the bottle.  I chose blue.  Again paint multiple coats so that the bottle is completely covered making sure that the paint is completely dry between coats.  This will be the snowman’s hat.  Make sure that the bottom part of the hat has a scalloped edge to better reflect the hat shape.  I sketched mine in pencil before painting it in blue.

Paint holiday wine bottles
Paint the top with scalloped edges

Step 4: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Using black paint outline the hat’s details as shown in the picture.

Paint holiday wine bottles
Add the hat details using black paint

Step 5: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Take pink paint and paint circles on either side of the face of the snowman to indicate the cheeks of the snowman.  Let the cheeks completely dry before continuing on to the rest of the face.

Paint holiday wine bottles
Add pink circles for the cheeks

Step 6: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Once the cheeks have dried add the eyes, eye brows and mouth using black paint or a black sharpie.  I chose to use black paint.  Once the eyes have dried, place a dot of white paint for the whites of the eyes and add a carrot shaped nose using orange paint.  Add gold dots using the gold paint pen to the blue hat.  Spray the entire bottle with a matte varnish to seal in the paint.

paint holiday wine bottles
Add the remaining face details

Step 7: Paint Holiday Wine Bottles

Add a ribbon to the top pf the bottle and you have completed a cute holiday wine bottle.  These wine bottle crafts can be made for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years and 4th of July.  Any occasion or décor you can think of can be enhanced by painting or decoupaging wine bottles so give it a try for this holiday season.  I got this project from Pinterest but could not find a person to attribute it to.

Paint Holiday Wine Bottles
Add ribbon and gold dots

If you would like more Christmas painting ideas take a look at my post on painting your own Christmas angels.





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