Night Before Christmas Ornament

Night Before Christmas Ornament

I love the poem A Visit from St. Nick or as it is more commonly known A Night Before Christmas so I thought I would make these ornaments.  I put the words of the poem right on the ornaments for everyone to see.  These Christmas ornaments are super simple to make and have that nice rustic feel.  This is a terrific little craft project with a nice rustic Christmas result.

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What you will Need:

Night Before Christmas Ornaments
What you will Need

Step 1:  Night Before Christmas Ornament

Print out the poem.  Trace around your mason jar charms and cut out the shapes with a craft knife or scissors.  I found that a craft knife is easier for this project because of the nooks and crannies of my charms.

Night Before Christmas Ornament
Trace around your shape
Night Before Christmas Ornament
Charm and Poem

Step 2:  Night Before Christmas Ornament

Take a small amount of antiquing medium and wipe it onto the poem shapes to age the paper.  You can use a paint brush or a paper towel like I did to achieve this result. Let the paper dry.

Night Before Christmas Ornament
Paint antiguing medium on paper

Step 3:  Night Before Christmas Ornament

Paint some Mod Podge  onto the wooden shapes then place the poem shapes on top.  Paint more mod podge on top of the paper and let dry.  Repeat for the other side.  Make sure that the paper is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Glue the paper to the charm

Step 4:  Night Before Christmas Ornament

Take your craft knife and cut off any excess paper that may be hanging off the edge of the wood.  Take your sandpaper and sand lightly along the edges to further age the ornament.

Night Before Christmas Ornament
Poke the holes and insert the twine

Step 5:  Night Before Christmas Ornament

Paint a final coat of Mod Podge onto your ornament and let it completely dry. Once it is dry take your awl or another poking tool to open the hole in the wood.  Tie some twine through the hole to act as a hanger.  you have now finished your Night Before Christmas Ornaments.

Night Before Christmas Ornament
Finished Ornaments

If you would like more Christmas ornament projects check out my popsicle stick sled and wine cork angel ornaments as well.






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