DIY Car Diffusers

DIY Car Diffusers

DIY Car Diffusers

I am always looking for DIY solutions to ongoing problems.  I buy air fresheners for my car and they just fade after a while so I have to buy another.  This time I decided to make my own.  It was really easy to do and I can keep topping it up, so to speak, whenever it fades.  I combined a simple wood ornament and some polymer clay along with some essential oil to make these simple DIY Car Diffusers.  Very simple.

What you will Need:

  • Small amount of clay
  • Small wooden ornament
  • String
  • Essential oils
  • Freezer paper
  • Paint brush
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Straw
  • Awl
  • String
DIY Car Diffusers
What you will Need Car Diffuaers

Step 1: DIY Car Diffusers

Take a small amount of clay and knead it in your hands until it is soft and pliable. Roll it out on the freezer paper to about 1/8″ thick.

DIY Car Diffusers
Roll Out Your Clay

Step 2: DIY Car Diffusers

Take your cookie cutter and cut out your desired shape.  I used a shamrock for mine.  Then, use the end of a straw to create a hole at the top of your shape for the string to go through.

DIY Car Diffusers
Cut out your Shape with a Cookie Cutter
DIY Car Diffusers
Use a Straw to make a Hole

Step 3: DIY Car Diffusers

Bake your shape using the manufacturers instructions.  I used Premo polymer clay for my project but you can use real clay or some other brand of polymer clay.  Polymer clay comes in numerous colors while real clay is limited in the range of colors to choose from.  You can use paint or other colorants to color your real clay if you choose.  I baked my shape at 275° for 30 minutes.  The clay hardens as it cools.  You can get the clay here or at most craft stores.

DIY Car Diffusers
Bake your Shape

Step 4: DIY Car Diffusers

Once the clay has cooled, brush some essential oils of your choice onto the clay.  If you are using polymer clay you will note that it takes about an hour for the oil to seep into the clay because polymer clay is essentially imitation clay made from plastic.  Real clay will be more porous and will more easily soak in the oil.  Let it dry.  You can get essential oils at any pharmacy here.

Step 5: DIY Car Diffusers

I took a heart shaped wooden ornament that you can get here or at any craft store and used my awl to poke a hole for the string.  These wooden shapes are very thin and the awl or sharp needle will easily go through it.  I then just coated the shape with the essential oil.

DIY Car Diffusers
Put a Hole in the Wooden Shape
DIY Car Diffusers
Brush on the Essential Oils

Step 6: DIY Car Diffusers

Once both shapes were dry I threaded a piece of string through the holes and hung it on my rear view mirror.  The scent will fade after a while but all you need to do is coat the shapes again to freshen them up.

DIY Car Diffusers
DIY Car Diffusers






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