Create a Decorative Candle Holder

Create a Decorative Candle Holder

Final leaf, Create a Decorative Candle Holder
Final Leafy Candle Holder

In order to create a decorative candle holder  you will need:

  • Glass jar.  I used a short wide-mouthed Mason Jar.  You can paint most anything.
  • Painter’s tape.  I used standard blue but there are others that work just as well.
  • Decorative paper punch
  • Paint.  I used frost spray paint for my project.  You can use other types of paint but light coats of spray paint works best.

Step 1

Mask off the areas that you do not want painted.  In my project I used my painter’s tape to protect the threads at the top of my jar because I knew that I would be using a lid.  I also made sure that the inside of my jar was protected because a candle was going to be placed inside and I wanted to make sure there would be no chance of fumes from the paint.

Step 2

Take your decorative paper punch and punch out shapes from the painter’s tape and place them wherever you do not want paint to be.  In my project I wanted the candle to highlight the leaf shapes so I placed the leaf shapes randomly around the jar pressing the securely.
Leaves small, Create a Decorative Candle Holder
Punch out small leaves from Painter’s Tape and Cover the Top

Step 3

Once all of the tape was secure I took my project outside and sprayed it with several light coats of the frost spray paint.  I used the frost so that the candle could be seen flickering inside and the leaves would be highlighted.

Step 4

Once the frost paint was dry I removed the tape leaves using an Exacto knife so that I would not disturb the frost paint and the leaf shapes would stay perfectly formed.  I then removed the remaining tape.  The jar had perfectly formed leaves on a frosted background.  I added a candle, daisy cut lid and a Mason Jar holder to complete the look.
Final leaf, Create a Decorative Candle Holder
Spray the Jar with Frost Spray then Remove the Tape


The end project is a very cute holiday inspired decorative candle holder.
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