How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

This is a terrific Christmas tree craft that anyone can make and that you can enjoy making with your children.  It is the old traditional popsicle stick sled.  I just love this one.  It is certainly not original with me but it is one that I wanted to share with you in case you are not familiar with it.  You can get everything you need for this project at your local craft store.  No, you don’t have to eat all the popsicles unless you really want to.  I chose to just purchase my sticks from my affiliate Michael’s.  You can get yours here.  Those sticks, glue and some twine and you are on your way to making this terrific holiday favorite. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What you will Need:

  • 2 Large popsicle sticks
  • 4 small popsicle sticks
  • Wood glue
  • Glue dots (optional)
  • Imitation Holiday greenery
  • 2 small jingle bells
  • Twine
  • Paint
  • Stain
How to make popsicle stick sled ornaments
What you Need Sled

Step 1: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Stain the two large sticks using wood stain.  Paint the remaining sticks any color you choose.  I chose red for my sled.

Step 2: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Using the wood glue, glue the three small sticks together staggering them as shown.  I placed my sticks on wax paper so that they would not stick. The glue may squirt out when you abut the sticks.  I used a damp sponge to wipe away the excess.

How to make popsicle sled ornaments
Glue three of the small sticks together

Step 3: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Glue the large sticks to the sticks on the edges so that the are centered down the middle as shown.  Again, watch out for excess glue.  I let the excess glue sit for a bit before I wiped it off to make sure that the sticks remained upright. Regardless the glue dries clear anyway so it is no big deal if you leave some on the underside of the sled.

How to make popsicle stick sled ornaments
Glue the large sticks to the smaller ones

Step 4: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

You are going to want to shorten the last small stick.  This stick will go at the front of the sled above the three other small sticks.  To do this, I traced the rounded shape using another stick at the length that I wanted and drew a line.  I used a craft knife to score through the stick and broke it off so that I would have two rounded ends. I used a nail file to file down the rough edges and painted the end to match. Glue to the sled as shown.

How to make popsicle stick sled ornaments
Add the Cross Piece

Step 5: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Add your embellishments.  You can leave your sled plain or add some bling.  I chose to add a little greenery and some jingle bells to mine. I simply threaded some twine through the bells then separated the bells and placed the greenery in between and tied a knot.  Once the knot was tied I pushed the bells together so that the greenery was in between then tied it all to the cross bar.

How to make popsicle stick ornaments
Create the embellishment

Step 6: How to Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Take a piece of twine about  8″ long and glue each end to the underside of the cross-bar to use as a hanger.  I used glue dots for this but you could use regular craft glue if you want.  Once the hanger is on you have completed your popsicle stick sled ornament.  Too cute.

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