How to Make a Dollar Tree Mini Card Catalogue

How to Make a Dollar Tree Mini Card Catalogue

I have a standard sized card catalogue that I use for all of my sewing notions.  For those of you who don’t remember card catalogues they are sets of narrow drawers that were used in libraries to catalogue all of the books.  You could find the card and it would tell you what aisle and shelf to find your book.  I decided to make a Dollar Tree mini version of the one I have to store my office supplies in.  My office and sewing space are in the same room.  I thought it would be really cute.  Of course Dollar Tree came to the rescue for this project.  I love Dollar Tree projects.  They are fun and inexpensive.  

For this project I used some balsa wood boxes that I purchased at Dollar tree.  They come in two parts.  One box inside the other like a drawer.  I stained them using some stain I had on hand and glued on some pulls I purchased from Amazon.  That was all there was to it.  This is such a cute Dollar Tree hack that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  

What you will Need: How to Make a Dollar Tree Mini Card Catalogue

What you will Need Card catalogue

Step 1: Stain your Boxes

Using your stain, stain all of your boxes inside and out following the manufacturer’s instructions.  I used a stain and finish in one so that I would not have to polyurethane my boxes when I was finished.  Make sure that the stain is completely dry before adding the polyurethane if you are using that.  Otherwise make sure the stain and finish is completely dry.

Stain the boxes

Step 2: Glue the Outer Boxes Together

Remove all of the inner boxes.  Using the hot glue attach the outer boxes together in two rows of three.  Make sure that the boxes are all attached together.  

Stain the boxes

Step 3: Add the Pulls

You will notice that the drawers of the boxes have cutout shapes on them.  You will turn those shapes to the inside of the boxes so that the flat side is facing out.  Take the pulls and glue them to the center of the drawers.  The pulls come with screws.  Cut off the heads of the screws and glue them on the screw holes to complete the look.  Insert the Drawers into the boxes.  Add your supplies.  You canned labels to these pulls as well so you know where everything is.  

Glue on the pulls.

How to Make a Dollar Tree Mini Card Catalogue

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How to Make a Dollar Tree Mini Card catalogue




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