How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

This is the perfect bag to give away some Valentine treats or something else special.  There are so many Valentine themed fabrics out there to get just the feel you want.  I am showing you a few examples in this super simple tutorial. Of course nothing says Valentine’s Day like a heart and this heart shaped bag shines with the right fabric, a little trim and a button.  Fill it with whatever strikes your fancy to make this fabric heart envelope bag part of the perfect Valentine’s day gift.  The pattern for this project comes from Art Gallery Fabrics but the tutorial is all mine.

I, of course, used remnants for my heart envelope bag but if you don’t have Valentine’s Day fabrics head over to
JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores or Amazon Fabrics to get exactly what you need.  These online fabric stores have a wide selection of Valentine’s fabrics that are perfect for this project.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

If you would like a video tutorial of this project head over to YouTube and check out my video.  While you are there subscribe to my free YouTube channel.  

What you will Need:

How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag
What you will Need Valentine

Step 1: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Print out the pattern pieces and cut out each one from both fabrics.  You should have a top and bottom pieces of both fabrics.

How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag
Cut out the Pieces

Step 2: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Sew the two back pieces right sides together leaving a small opening for turning the pieces right sides out.  Turn them right sides out.  Press.

How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag
Turn the pieces

Step 3: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Sew the two front top pieces and the two front bottom pieces right sides together again leaving a small opening for turning.  Turn each piece right sides out.  Press. Top stitch along the top edge of the front bottom piece and the bottom edge of the front top piece.

Step 4: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Pin the front pieces to the back piece using as many pins as necessary to secure.  As you can see I used quite a few pins to secure my pieces together.  Keep in mind that the front pieces are a bit larger than the back piece so you will have room to put your treats. Just make sure that the edges match and you will be fine.  It is a little fidgity but it will come together.  Top stitch 1/8th” around the perimeter of the heart.  This will secure the front and back pieces together.

How to Make a heart envelope bag
Pin the pieces together

Step 5: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Fold the ribbon in half and tack to the bottom of the top front of the bag. Sew the button to the top of the bottom front of the bag.  This will be the way that the bag is secured.

How to make a heart envelope bag
Add the ribbon and the button
How to make a heart envelope bag
Tie the Closure

Step 6: How to Make a Heart Envelope Bag

Fill the bag with goodies and give it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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