Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Camera-Strap-Tutorial Easy DSLR Camera Strap

This is an easy DIY fabric and leather DSLR camera strap.  I used a remnant that I had in my stash for this project but you can go to Fabric.com or use this 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase the fabric needed for this project.  I have included links to the products that I used for this project.  They are affiliate links and if you click on them and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  I hope you enjoy this project.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

What you will need: Easy DSLR Camera Strap

What-you-will-Need-1024x834 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

What you will Need

Step 1: Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Cut a piece of scrap fabric in a rectangle shape that is 4″ wide and 24″ long.  Then cut a piece of interfacing the same size.  Fuse the interfacing to the fabric according to the directions on the interfacing you choose.

Fold-Fabric-Lengthwise-1024x579 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Fold Fabric Lengthwise

Step 2: Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Fold the long edges 1/2″ inward toward the wrong side and press.  Then fold in half lengthwise and press again.  Clip or pin together.  Sew 1/8″ seam on both sides for a finished look. I love these wonder clips in sewing.  They make the job so much easier.  If you want to purchase some wonder clips I highly recommend Amazon.  You can find these wonder clipsir?t=sewvercra-20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789 Easy DSLR Camera Strap by clicking on the link.

Clip-or-Pin-Edges-1024x456 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Clip or Pin Edges

Sew-Both-Sides-Lendthwise-1024x370 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Sew Both Sides lengthwise

Step 3: Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Cut four pieces of leather or other similar fabric using the leather pattern piece.  Cut 2 strips of leather or other similar fabric 1/2″ x 12″.  I use craft leather and bags of leather scraps that can be purchased in small amounts at my local fabric and craft store.  Glue one leather piece 1/2″ from the bottom of the strap using the leather glue.  Place one end of the leather strip at the bottom of the leather piece then glue another piece on top of the previous piece matching the edges. Repeat for the other end of the strap. Clip the edges and wait for the glue to dry.  This is a small leather project.  It is a little intimidating at first but if you want to learn more about working with leather you can shoot over to Craftsy and take their sewing with leather class.  Although this is an affiliate link, I have taken this class and it is a terrific step by step tutorial on how to make handbags using leather and your own sewing machine.

Cut-4-Leather-Pieces-Using-Pattern-5-1024x734 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Cut 4 Leather Pieces Using Pattern

Add-Leather-Strip-and-Glue-all-Lether-Pieces-1024x514 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Add Leather Strip and Glue all Leather Pieces

Glue-Leather-Pieces-1024x900 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Glue Leather Pieces

Step 4: Easy DSLR Camera Strap


Once the glue has dried, insert the leather needle into your machine and sew around the perimeter of the leather pieces at both ends of the strap.  Sew an X in the middle if you want in order to create a strong finish. Place the tri-glide buckle at  the end of the leather strap.  This will serve to make the strap adjustable.

Sew-around-Circumfrance-of-the-Leather-Pieces-Catching-the-Fabric-Strap-and-the-Leather-Strip-686x1024 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Sew around Circumference of the Leather Pieces Catching the Fabric Strap and the Leather Strip

Step 5: Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Attach the end of the leather strap to your camera and fold the end back through the tri-glide buckle to adjust the strap and secure it.  Voila.  You have completed your Easy DSLR Camera Strap.

Slip-Leather-strip-Through-Camera-225x300 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Slip Leather Strip Through Camera

Secure-Leather-Strip-through-Underside-of-Tri-Glide-Buckle-225x300 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Secure Leather Strip through Underside of Tri-Glide Buckle


Feed-Leather-Strip-through-Tri-Glide-Buckle-225x300 Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Feed Leather Strip Through Tri-Glide Buckle

There You Have a Very Easy DSLR Camera Strap you can use on your DSLR Camera or on your standard digital camera to express your own personality or to give as a gift for someone else.  If you want You can make this longer to serve as a guitar strap for the music lover in your family. If you are interested in making a DSLR camera cozy to match your new camera strap take a look at my tutorial here.  

Camera-and-Strap Easy DSLR Camera Strap

Camera and Strap

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