Make an Apron From a Man’s Shirt

Make an Apron From a Man’s Shirt

How to make an apron from a man’s shirt.  This is such an easy project and requires minimal sewing skills but the results are a cute little apron you can make to use for cooking or crafting, whatever you like. I used a remnant for the waistband and pockets.  If you don’t have a large stash of remnants like I do you can head to your local fabric store where they are usually half price.  Otherwise visit and Hobby Lobby for the perfect fabric for you.

What you will Need:

  • An old man’s shirt
  • Remnant of coordinating fabric
  • Basic sewing supplies.
Apron Supplies, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Apron Supplies

Step 1:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Measure your waist to make sure of the size of your apron.  Using a seam ripper, carefully remove the front pocket.

Carefully Remove any Pockets, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Carefully Remove any Pockets

Step 2:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Cut the shirt under the slaves straight across so that the shirt lays flat.  Remember to keep the shirt buttoned throughout the whole process.  Turn the shirt to the back side and cut vertically up the back.  Lay the shirt out flat and measure your apron to make sure it will fit.  Keep in mind that the sides do not have to meet in the back.  The waist band will pull everything together.

Cut and Opened Shirt, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Cut and Opened Shirt

Step 3:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Turn the edges of the cut back under twice and sew a seam up both sides of the cut back edge just like a hem so that edges will not fray.

Hem the Back Edges, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Hem the Back Edges

Step 4:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Baste two rows of stitches along the top of the shirt.  These will be used for gathering the fabric to adjust the size to fit you.

Run Two Lines of Basting, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Run Two Lines of Basting

Step 5:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Now it is time to add the waist band and ties.  This is all one piece so you can make the waistband as wide or narrow as you want and the ties as long as you want. For my apron I made my waist band 4″ x 58″.  There was no particular reason.  I just liked the high-waisted look.  However wide you choose your waistband the process is the same.  Cut out your remnant fabric the length and width you want and pull the basting stitches so that the apron is the size you need.  You are now ready to add the waistband.

Step 6:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

Fold both sides of your waistband about 1/2″ lengthwise.  Find the center of your waistband and sandwich the shirt between the two folded edges so that the folded edges meet at the waistband area and through to the ties then sew one straight line binding all layers together.  Turn the ends inside each other and sew as well.  You should have a completed Apron at this point.

Fold Long Ends in, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Fold Long Ends in


Step 7:  Apron from a Man’s Shirt

At this point your apron is more or less finished but I chose to add some pockets.  You can add them if you like but you don’t have to or you can add one long pocket or different style of pockets.  Whatever works for you.  These are simple patch pockets that I sewed right on to the front.

Apron with Pockets, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Apron with Pockets

Once the pockets are on you are completely finished turning a man’s shirt into a saucy little apron.  This is a great way to make apron’s for the upcoming holiday season.  If my son or husband have worn out shirts you can be sure I will be thinking of something for Thanksgiving and Christmas for this easy little project.  I hope you will too.  I f you decide to make this project. Share it with us here at Sew Very Crafty.  We would love to see it.

Apron From A Man's Shirt, Make an apron from a man's shirt
Apron From A Man’s Shirt

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