How to Add a Purse Clasp Turn Lock

How to Add a Purse Clasp Turn Lock

Purse Clasp Turn Lock, How to Add a Purse Clasp Turn Lock
Purse Clasp Turn Lock

How to add a purse clasp turn lock:  If you have never added a purse clasp turn lock, here is how to do it.  The turn clasp lock comes in two pieces; the turn mechanism and the hole.  The turn mechanism installs exactly the same way a magnetic snap installs.

Turn Mechanism: Purse Clasp Turn Lock

First measure your location.  Use the back grommet as the template for your slits.  Use a seam ripper or small scissors to cut the slits.  Put the legs of the turn mechanism through the slits.  I always add a small piece of heavy weight interfacing here because the mechanism gets a lot of use. Then add the grommet and pull down the legs to secure.  You have now added the turn mechanism.

Making the Hole: Purse Clasp Turn Lock

In order to add the hole that the turn mechanism goes through to lock, take the lock apart.  there are two sides that are held together with small screws.  I used an eyeglass kit screwdriver to unscrew the screws.  Draw around the inner part of the widest side of the hole onto the flap. Cut out the circle through all layers so that there is a hole.  Cut two small semi circles at the top and bottom of each hole for the screws.  Place the flap between each half of the hole piece and screw in the screws.  This completes the hole part of the clasp turn lock.

Insert the turn mechanism into the hole and turn and the lock is secured.





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