Christmas Bath Bombs

Christmas Bath Bombs

What you will Need:

  • 1 cup Citric Acid
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 Cup Cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup Coconut oil or other oil such as almond or olive.
  • 8-10 Drops of Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • Food Coloring (optional)
  • Silicone mold or plastic wrap
Christmas Bath Bombs
What You Will Need

Step 1: Christmas Bath Bombs

Combine all of the dry ingredients; citric acid, baking soda, and cornstarch.  Set aside.

Step 2: Christmas Bath Bombs

If you want to use food coloring add it to the dry ingredients at this point. You should add a little at a time until you reach the color you would like. This step is optional but because I chose the Christmas light silicone mold that I had from last year I decided an orange color would be nice.

Christmas Bat Bombs
Add Food Coloring to Desired Intensity

Step 3: Christmas Bath Bombs

I chose to use food grade coconut oil in my bath bombs.  The product I chose needed to be melted so I placed the hard oil in a small sauce pan and melted the oil over low heat stirring constantly.  This oil melts very quickly.  Once the coconut oil was melted I added about 10 drops of orange/tangerine scented essential oils.  You can choose what ever fragrance you like depending on the effect you would like to achieve.  I wanted a calming scent so I chose the citrus.

Step 4: Christmas Bath Bombs

Add the oils to the dry ingredients very slowly.  You do not want to activate the citric acid.  Mix the oils into the dry ingredients with your hands until it becomes clumpy.

Christmas Bath Bombs
Add Oils to Dry Ingredients

Step 5: Christmas Bath Bombs

Place the mixture into the mold of your choice.  I chose a classic Christmas lights mold for the holiday season. If you do not use a silicone mold make sure you line your mold with plastic wrap so that the bath bombs can be easily removed.

Christmas Bath Bombs
Place Mixture into Silicone Mold

Step 6: Christmas Bath Bombs

Take the mixture and fill the mold tightly.  Let the Bath bombs dry for 24 hours before removing them from the mold.

Step 7: Christmas Bath Bombs

Place the bath bombs in a decorative container or Mason Jar for use in your next soothing bath.

Christmas Bath Bombs
Christmas Bath Bombs



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