Pet Pattern Tutorials

Pet Pattern Tutorials 

Dogs and Cats, Pet Patterns and Tutorials

Pet pattern tutorials from around the web.  I thought I would focus on the furbabies out there in my around the web segment this month.  There are so many fun patterns and tutorials out there for our furry family members that I chose just a few to share with you.  There are some terrific pet patterned fabrics that you can purchase at to sew for your pet.  You can create dog collars, beds, and bandannas.  You can also make catnip toys  with no problem at all.  Sewing for your pet is fun and functional so I urge you to give these patterns a try.  This post contains an affiliate link that if you click on it and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Quick Stitch Dog Bed: Pet Pattern Tutorials


From DIY Style, Pet Pattern Tutorials
From DIY Style

I started my surfing with the team over at DIY Style.  They created a terrific little dog bed using fleece and pillow forms for a quick stitch bed.  You can even watch a video they call a vodcast of the whole process.  Very cool.  I had to laugh when the the host said she was making a dog bed for her dog Paddy. Paddy was my dog’s name.  What a coincidence.  Anyway, give this project a try if you have a small dog or even a cat who needs a bed.  I think you will this one easy to make and just the right size.

Puppy Travelling Kit

Puppy Travelling Kit from Nat's Little Things, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Puppy Travelling Kit from Nati’s Little Things

After DIY Style, I cruised over to my affiliate Craftsy who always has something cool and often free like this little travel kit from Nati’s Little Things.  Nati has created an adorable little dog coat and pillow that can be supersized for a larger dog.  There is a nice step by step tutorial with pictures to guide you along the way.  If you like to knit and crochet, Nati’s blog is for you.  Give it a try if you are interested in the yarn arts.

Reversible Bandana


Reversible Dog Bandana by Aivilo Charlotte Sewing Patterns, Pet pattern tutorials
Reversible Dog Bandana by Aivilo Charlotte Sewing Patterns

This terrific bandana project cam from Aivilo Charlotte Sewing Patterns via my affiliate Craftsy.  You can easily download the pattern there.  This is a super easy project that will make every dog the talk of the town.

Upcycled Dog Collar

Upcycled Dog Collar by Sew Doggy Style, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Upcycled Dog Collar by Sew Doggy Style

I saw this little project and absolutely fell in love.  What a great way to upcycle a shirt collar.  So simple. Just some scissors and a little fray check and your done.  It couldn’t be easier.  How handsome does this fellow look?  Sew Doggy Style is an entire site dedicated to dogs and sewing for dogs.  If you are a dog lover like I am it is a great place to spend a little time.

Kimono Dog Harness

Kimono Dog Harness from Sew Mama Sew, Pet Pattern tutorials
Kimono Dog Harness from Sew Mama Sew

Jill Myslinski designed this adorable little dog harness for Sew Mama Sew and provided a complete downloadable tutorial.  Fortunately, Jill has provided a pattern that can be used for any size dog.  Just make sure your dog’s measurements are accurate and you can create one for your dog too.  This is a great way to make your furry friend a one-of-a kind walking harness to dress to impress.  While your at it visit Jill’s blog at as well as for this and other tutorials.

Over the Collar Reversible Bandana

Over the Collar Reversible Bandana, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Over the Collar Reversible Bandana by Cut Out and Keep

This over the collar bandana pattern and tutorial came from a terrific site called Cut out and Keep.  It is a super easy tutorial for a bandana that will never fall off and will continue to keep your do looking his or her best for weeks to come.  This is a reversible pattern so if your dog gets tired of one side you can just turn it over.  Cut out and Keep provides a complete tutorial for this project and many more craft projects that they encourage everyone to share.

Dog Leash

Dog Leash bu Cut Out and Keep, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Dog Leash by Cut Out and Keep

Another pattern and tutorial from Cut Out and Keep provides step by step instructions on how to make the perfect leash for your furbaby.  Of course you can make it from any color or pattern you like to make your perfect pet feeling particularly pampered.

Catnip Mouse


Catnip Mouse by Design Sponge, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Catnip Mouse by Design Sponge

This catnip mouse over at Design Sponge is really cute and easy to make.  Amy provides a complete tutorial on this project.  You don’t even need a sewing machine for this one.  It is all done by hand in time at all.  Amy has a terrific site if you get some time to look around.  She is especially adept at interior design.

Felt Cat Toys

Felt Cat Toys by Heavily Edited, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Felt Cat Toys by Heavily Edited

Anne over at Heavily Edited created these cute little felt cat toys.  She is primarily a web designer but she came up with a terrific little tutorial for these cat toys that can easily be made by hand with just a few items.  They are colorful and fanciful.  I think you will all enjoy making these feather embellished little toys.

Dog Crate Slipcover

Dog Crate Slip Cover by 11 Magnolia, Pet pattern tutorials
Dog Crate Slip Cover by 11 Magnolia

I stopped over to see Christy and Amy over at 11 Magnolia Lane to see Christy’s nicely designed cover-up for a dog crate.  Not that people won’t know what you are covering up but it makes the crate less obvious and actually nice to look at.  Christy readily admits that she lives in a menagerie but to help keep things in check she has her dog crate decked out in this charming slipcover with knife blade pleats and ties.   Christy and Amy’s site, 11 Magnolia Lane, is a treasure trove of organizing ideas and DIY tutorials.  I am sure you will find something else you will love.

Pet Food Mat

Pet Food Mat by Sweet Verbena, Pet Pattern Tutorials
Pet Food Mat by Sweet Verbena

I ended up with Katy over at Sweet Verbena who provided this terrific tutorial for a pet food mat for just about any pet.  She suggests oil cloth or laminated cloth for this project for obvious reasons.  DOn’t forget that you can buy fabric laminate so you can laminate any fabric you like and are not stuck with just what’s out there.  I have used the laminate before in making lunch bags and it is easy to work with but I would suggest using a teflon foot when sewing or you could run into trouble.  Katy has a whole variety of sewing and crafts on her site so take a look around if you get a chance.

Try Out All of these Great Pet Pattern Tutorials

I hope you take a look at all of these pet projects and give some of them a try.  If you are pet lovers like I am you want your furbaby to look his or her best and what better way than to make something especially for them.  Feel free to share anything you make here on the site so everyone can share photos of their projects and their precious pets.




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