How to Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

How to Make a Dollar Tree Christmas WreathIt is time for another Dollar Tree craft.  Christmas is a great time for creating Dollar Tree Crafts and this Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath is fun and quick Christmas craft. Everything used in this project came from Dollar Tree so it was inexpensive too.  I had purchased a wreath form at some point and later I purchased a Christmas plaque and it wasn’t until I was cleaning my sewing room/office that I found them and decided that they would go great together. Of course that necessitated another trip to Dollar Tree for more craft supplies but who could resist that?  So off I went to the store and found some ribbon, greenery and pinecones that I thought would look great on this wreath.  I came home and with a little trial and error I put this wreath together and thought to share the process with you.  

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What you will Need: How to Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

  • Wreath Form
  • Christmas Truck plaque
  • Merry Christmas Ribbon x 2
  • Red Glitter Ribbon
  • Christmas greenery
  • Pinecones
  • Hot Glue
  • Black, Red, Green and white acrylic paint
What you will Need Christams Wreath

Step 1: Paint your Christmas Truck Plaque

I painted my truck red.  The tires are black with white walls and the tree, of course, is green.  I added a few high lights and low lights to give my truck some dimension.  Of course, you can choose any colors you like for your truck it is completely up to you.  Let the paint dry.

Paint the truck

Step 2: Wrap your wreath

I wrapped my wreath with some Dollar Tree Merry Christmas Ribbon.  I had a wood blend wreath form that I bought at Dollar Tree a while ago so I used that but you could use styrofoam or metal for yours it is totally up to you.  Once you have wrapped the wreath hot glue the ends so that it stays secure. 

Wrap the wreath

Step 3: Add the Greenery

I added a variety of poinsettias and pinecones to the right side of my wreath. I cut them apart from the bunches they came in and stuck them into the folds of the ribbon and hot glued them in place.


Hot glue the embellishment to the door of the truck.  

Step 3: Add the bow and Truck plaque

Hot glue the bow to the top of the wreath and the truck plaque to the bottom of the wreath then hang it on your front door.  You have now finished your Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath.  

Add the plaque and bow

How to Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

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How to Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath



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