How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Victorian Romance Handbag, Victorian Romance
Victorian Romance Handbag

If you have wanted to learn to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps here is a simple tutorial on the process.  I purchased this beautiful purse frame from my affiliate Amazon and made this Victorian Romance handbag in 6 easy steps and so can you. I had this beautiful remnant in my stash but if you need fabrics and notions for this pattern head over to or Hobby Lobby for a great selection.

If you want to create more structured bags and bags with frames I highly recommend the Craftsy class Sewing Structured Bags Purse Frames and Beyond taught by Lisa Lam, the handbag guru.  I took this class and it was amazing.  Well worth the money.  Of course if you have Craftsy Unlimited you would get the course as part of your subscription. This post contains affiliate links that if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

What you will Need: Victorian Romance

Step 1: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Use the Pattern attached to the pattern link or make your own pattern using the bagntell link.  Because purse frames differ in size and shape there is no standard pattern that fits them all but it is pretty easy to create your own with a ruler and a pencil.  Just follow the steps and you will be able to create a pattern quickly and easily.  You can search the web for patterns that fit your frame but it is just as quick to create your own.  If you use the pattern I have created down load the three pieces and join them at the diamonds and tape them together.

Once you have created your pattern.  Pin it to your outer and lining fabrics and cut two of each.  Cut two pieces of fusible fleece and two pieces of Pelon SF 101 or a similar lightweight woven interfacing.  I have a pattern for a small change purse on my Create New Looks From Old Jeans Post if you want to go smaller.

Pin Pattern to Fabrics and Interfacings, Victorian Romance
Pin Pattern to Fabrics and Interfacings

Step 2: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Make sure that you mark the location of the hinges on the outer and lining fabrics.  Fuse the fleece to the outer fabric and the SF 101 to the lining.  Place the outer fabrics right side together and sew starting at one hinge location around the bottom and stopping at the other hinge location.  Repeat with the lining fabric but this time leave an opening at the bottom for turning.

Step 3: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Box the bottoms of both the outer bag and the lining.  I measured 2″ down from the corner and matched the side seam to the bottom seam and sewed across for a perfectly boxed bottom.

Place the Outer Bag Inside The Lining Bag Right Sides Together, Victorian Romance
Place the Outer Bag Inisde The Lining Bag Right Sides Together

Step 4: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Place the outer bag right side out into the lining which is right side in.  Right sides are now together.  Sew around the top flaps making sure your 1/4′ seam allowance is nice and even all the way around.  Clip the V where the hinges are for a nice clean look.

Sew Around the Flaps, Victorian Romance
Sew Around the Flaps

Step 5: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Press the flap and insert it into the channel of the purse frame.  My frame was a sew in type so I used red thread that matched my fabric to sew my frame in place.  Many frames can be glued into the frame.  If yours is a glue in frame I recommend  Guttermann’s glue for this.  They are not an affiliate but they are the best brand on the market for this application.  I have not found it locally but I have found it at this Etsy shop. You may be able to find it elsewhere.

Victorian Romance Handbag, Victorian Romance
Victorian Romance Handbag

Step 6: How to make a purse frame handbag in 6 easy steps

Once the frame is on you are finished.  I decided to tea stain some white lace I had on hand and attached it using Guttermanns to the inside lip of my bag to cover the stitching and to add some additional Romance.  Tea staining is an easy way to add age to something new by simply soaking it in a cup of brewed tea.  You can add any other embellishments you like. I added a red satin flower with a rhinestone in the center to the top right of my bag.   Make sure to sew up the opening in the lining.  Voila a handbag with Victorian Romance.

Open Purse with Lace, Victorian Romance
Open Purse with Lace

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