Springtime Button Bonanza

Springtime Button Bonanza


Springtime Button Bonanza
Springtime Button Bonanza


Spring is finally here and as I was walking through my local fabric store and I saw the bags of colorful buttons and findings they stock just for craft projects and thought it was the perfect time for a springtime button bonanza.  There are so many things you can do with buttons that I decided to put together ten super simple button craft ideas that anyone can do to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. There are some old favorites and some brand new creations like the first one in the Bonanza; my Mason Jar and Button Clock.

I just love buttons and button craft ideas.  Button crafts are fun and colorful.  I really enjoyed these projects.  I hope you do too.

Mason Jar and Button Clock: Springtime Button Bonanza

Mason Jar Button Clock, Springtime Button Bonanza
Mason Jar Button Clock

What you will Need:

  • Small sized large mouthed mason jar
  • Wide mouth Wooden Jar Lid
  • Clock Kit
  • Colorful buttons
  • Wood spools
  • Glass Spray Paint
  • Spray Lacquer
  • Acrylic Paint (optional)
  • Stain (optional)
  • Craft Glue
  • Drill with 3/8″ bit
What You Will Need Mason Jar Button Clock, Springtime Button Bonanza
What You Will Need Mason Jar Button Clock

Step 1: Mason Jar and Button Clock

The first step in this project is to paint your Mason Jar.  For this project, I used Krylon Sea Glass Paint. I had never used this before but I thought it would give a nice effect.  You could also paint your mason jar using the how to paint mason jars tutorial here at sew very crafty.  You can always keep the jar clear if you like because the clock mechanism fits snugly into the lid.

Step 2: Mason Jar and Button Clock

Next, take the Wide mouth Wooden Jar Lid and find the center.  The wooden lid that I used is 3 1/2″ across so I measured 1 3/4″ to the center and made sure that no matter where I measured from the center was at 1 3/4″.  I then drilled a hole using a 3/8″ drill bit.  This is the hole where the clock works will fit through.  I opted to stain the wood and finish it with the spray lacquer but you could keep the wood plain or paint any color of your choice.  Staining is an easy process.  I had some red oak stain on hand.  I simply painted it on until I got the color I wanted.  I let it dry overnight then finished it with spray lacquer.  I also stained and finished the wood spools at this point as well.

Stained Wood with Hole, Springtime Button Bonanza
Stained Wood with Hole

Step 3: Mason Jar and Button Clock

One the Lacquer has dried glue the buttons on the wood in the location you would see the numbers on a clock.  I chose to use flower shaped buttons with round buttons in the middle for the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 and small round buttons to represent the remaining numbers.

Clock with Button Face, Springtime Button Bonanza
Clock with Button Face

Step 4: Mason Jar and Button Clock

After the buttons have been placed on the wood, insert the clock mechanism through the hole and secure it using the nuts and washers that came with the kit and add the hands according to the kit’s instructions.  Because this is a small clock you may need to adjust the size of the hands. You can simply cut them off at the ends to shorten them or you can keep them long.  It is your choice. I should note that the clock mechanism that I purchased had plastic attached to the top for hanging on the wall but I easily cut that off.  If you order the mechanism from my affiliate Amazon you can order one without the hanger.

Step 5: Mason Jar and Button Clock

Now the Clock part of the project is finished.  The lid with the clock mechanism can easily screw onto the Mason Jar but the jar needs feet.  I have chosen to use a 3/8″ wooden dowel that you can find at any craft or hardware store.  I mitered both ends at a 45 º angle so that the dowel would sit flat on the underside of the jar and flat on the table. I used my E6000 craft glue to glue the dowels to the jar to act as legs for my clock.  Once the glue has cured your project is complete and you have a one of a kind mason jar button clock.

Add Legs to Mason Jar, Springtime Button Bonanza
Add Legs to Mason Jar
Completed Clock, Springtime Button Bonanza
Completed Clock










Button Covered Flip Flops

Button Covered Flip Flops, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Covered Flip Flops

I obtained this photo and directions for this project from Scrapbook and Cards Today.  Although I have included abbreviated instructions here, you can click on the photo to see complete photos and description of this terrific project.  

What you will Need:

  • An inexpensive pair of flip flops
  • Assorted Colorful Buttons
  • 1″ wide Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Heavy duty outdoor thread
  • Needle
  • Glue

Step 1: Button Covered Flip Flops

Purchase an inexpensive pair of black flip flops.  Mine were only $2.

Step 2: Button Covered Flip Flops

Sew enough different colored buttons to go about half way down the top v of the ribbon.  Glue the ribbon onto the flip flops. You have now transformed an inexpensive pair of black flip flops into a colorful summer accessory for very little cost.

Button Flowers: Springtime Button Bonanza

Button Flowers, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Flowers

What you will Need:

  • Buttons or findings of different colors and sizes
  • Green wire or pipe cleaners
  • Glass Container – I used a small old fashioned milk jug
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Acrylic Paint — Color of your choice
  • Plain White Rice
  • Essential Oils

Step 1: Button Flowers

Decide whether you want to paint your flower container or not.  I chose to paint my little milk jug to give it a more rustic feel.  To do that, I followed the instructions for painting mason jars here at Sew Very Crafty and first painted the glass with chalkboard paint followed by a perky pink paint.

Step 2: Button Flowers

Decide how many flowers you want to make.  I chose to make 18 flowers of different sizes.  Take the wire or a pipe cleaner and thread it through one of the holes in a large sized button.  Then thread additional buttons of smaller and smaller sizes.  Once you have three or four buttons turn the wire or pipe cleaner in a “J” shape and thread it through the other hole in the button hole.  Once you have threaded all of the button holes, wrap the wire  around the stem.  You have completed the first flower.

Step 3: Button Flowers

Make additional flowers of different sizes.  I made several more flowers, some with just one button some with two or three.  Some of my flowers had long stems and some had short stems.  I like the variation among the flowers.

Step 4: Button Flowers

Cut leaf shapes from the green felt and attach the leaves to the flowers using green florist tape or craft or hot glue.  I like the florist tape for this project. It is neat and tidy and lends some authenticity to the button flowers.  Add some essential oils to the rice following the instructions for creating the DIY heart sachets and place the rice in your glass container to provide weight and the scent of flowers.  Once the leaves are finished, arrange the flowers and you have finished a nice bouquet of colorful button flowers perfect for the spring season.

Pretty Flower Button Paperclips: Springtime Button Bonanza

Button Paperclips, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Paperclips

What you will Need:

  • Colorful Buttons or Findings
  • Colorful Plastic Coated Paperclips
  • Hot Glue or Craft Glue

Step 1: Pretty Flower Button Paperclips

Select the paperclips you want to embellish.  I selected four plastic coated clips of different colors.  I then selected four flower shaped buttons of different colors and decided to mix and match the colors.

Step 2: Pretty Flower Button Paperclips

After selecting the paperclips and buttons simply glue the buttons to the paperclips as shown and you have four or more if you like pretty flower button paperclips.

Colorful Flower Button Hair Clips

Button Hair Clips, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Hair Clips

What you will Need:

  • Colorful Flower Shaped Buttons or Findings
  • Colorful Round Buttons
  • Hair Clips
  • Heavy Colored Thread
  • Craft Glue

Step 1: Colorful Flower Button Hair Clips

Determine how many hair clips you would like to make.  Select four flower shaped buttons of different colors and four smaller round buttons of different colors.

Step 2: Colorful Flower Button Hair Clips

Mix and match the flower shaped buttons with the round buttons.

Step 3: Colorful Flower Button Hair Clips

Attach the two buttons to the hair clip using the heavy colored thread.  Once the buttons are secure add a drop of craft glue or hot glue for extra security. In a matter of minutes you have four colorful flower button hair clips.

Colorful Flower Button Magnets

Button Magnets, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Magnets

What you will Need:

  • Colorful Buttons
  • Small Magnets

The Only Step

Glue the magnets onto the buttons and you have colorful flower button magnets.

Beautiful Button Bookmark

Button Bookmark, Springtime Button Bonanza
Button Bookmark

What you will Need

  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Thread or cord
  • Glue
  • Metal Belt Ends

Step 1: Beautiful Button Bookmark

Take 20″ of thread or cord and tie a loop in the center so that there are 2 tails the same length flowing down.

Step 2: Beautiful Button Bookmark

Thread the cord through the buttons so they make a long bracelet according to the standard button bracelet instructions included in this tutorial at Hope Studios.

Step 3: Beautiful Button Bookmark

Once you have completed the bracelet the length you would like, glue the buttons to the ribbon leaving 1/4″ at each end to fold over including the cording.

Step 4: beautiful Button Bookmark

Fold both ends along with the cord and attach the belt ends and crimp them according to instructions. The belt ends are soft so you should be able to crimp them using your hands. Set a book on top of the buttons and ribbon while the glue is drying to ensure that the whole book mark dries straight.  Once everything is dry, the book mark is ready to use.


Button Embellished leather Cuff Bracelet 


What you will Need

  • 2 pieces of thin leather — I buy scraps of leather in a bag sold at my affiliate Michael’s and cut them to the following sizes
  • 1 3/4″ x 6 1/4″ rectangle of thin leather
  • 3/16″ x 10″ strip of thin leather
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Hole Punch

Step 1: Embellished Leather Cuff Bracelet

Cut the first rectangle of fabric 1 3/4″ x 6 1/4″ from a piece of scrap.  Then cut a second piece of fabric 3/16″ x 10″ or the size of a lace.  You may have to adjust these sizes if your wrist is larger or smaller.  This size fits my wrist perfectly.

Step 2: Embellished Leather Cuff Bracelet

Sew the buttons on the rectangle of fabric in the pattern of your choice.  I chose to place buttons in a variety of blues and browns half way around the leather rectangle and in two layers in areas to give the bracelet some depth.  I placed one large button in the middle.

Step 3: Embellished Leather Cuff Bracelet

Punch 2 holes at each end of the of the rectangle as shown and thread the lace through the holes to use as a tie. Once the tie has been inserted into the holes you have finished a button embellished leather cuff bracelet.  You can use any type of clasp as a closure for your bracelet.  I liked the simplicity of the ties for mine.

Button Cluster Key Rings


All of these pictures and this entire tutorial was taken from Julie over at Sum of their Stories.  I really liked this idea and it was perfect for this month’s button theme so I thought to include it here. I hope you enjoy it and take a look at some of Julie’s other offerings on her blog if you get some time.  

What you will Need:

  • A key ring with a chain
  • Jump rings
  • Small buttons (you need ones where the gap between the hole and the edge is smaller than your jump rings)
  • 2 x pliers
How to make a button cluster key ring

Open a jump ring with the pliers,

How to make a button cluster key ring

pop it through one of the button holes

How to make a button cluster key ring

and one chain on the keyring.

How to make a button cluster key ring

Then just close it up.
Easy, then do it again with another button.

How to make a button cluster key ring

Just add as many buttons as you like in whatever colours and combinations you like.

How to make a button cluster key ring
All my chain key rings were reused old ones so they are slightly different lengths and chain types.
How to make a button cluster key ring
How to make a button cluster key ring



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