How to Make Sharpie Stained Glass

How to Make Sharpie Stained Glass

How to make sharpie stained glass

I love stained glass but do not know how to create it.  Instead of taking classes in how to make stained glass art I decided to pull out my trusty sharpies and a dollar store mason jar style votive holder and go to town creating a beautiful sharpie on glass stained glass votive holder that is just beautiful.  This project on how to make sharpie stained glass is super simple and requires only a few steps and a little bit of time.  This is a project that you can have fun doing with your children on any glass surface.  Who knew that sharpie on glass could be this beautiful? I did and I am going to show you how.

What you will Need:

  • Any glass surface
  • Different colored Sharpie pens including black
  • Oven
How to make Sharpie Stained Glass
What you will Need Sharpie Glass

Step 1: How to Make Sharpie Stained Glass

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.  Take a black sharpie and draw out the lines that will represent the lead lines in real stained glass.  I made my lines asymmetrical to represent different shapes of stained glass.  Bake your glass for 20 minutes.  Remove the glass and let it cool.  Once the glass has cooled move on to step 2.

How to make sharpie stained glass
Create the Faux Lead Lines

Step 2: How to Make Sharpie Stained Glass

Fill in the shapes with the different colors of sharpie markers until all of the shapes are filled.  This creates the stained glass look.  Bake the glass again for 20 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the glass cool in the oven for another 10 minutes and then remove it using a potholder because it will still be hot.  You can now see the Beautiful stained glass effect that the sharpie has created on the glass.


How to make sharpie stained glass
Finished Stained Glass Votive


how to make sharpie stained glass

Step 3: How to Make Sharpie Stained Glass

If you are using a votive holder like I am place a small votive in the holder and light it.  I do not recommend that you use a battery operated votive as they do not work very well with your stained glass. I do not recommend placing the glass in the dishwasher as the sharpie will still rub off but it will stay looking pristine so long as you treat it with care.




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  1. I read somewhere that you can use clear glue with black acrylic paint added to it to draw the black lines so they appear 3d. Could you still do this after you have colored and baked the glass?

  2. Stain glass jar is Beautiful if you would like for it to be dishwasher or wash proof…Use Modge Podge sealant. There is a special one designed for sealing your project and making it dishwasher safe. Just paint it on over your jar let it cure or set up a few days and it’s done!. You can purchase Modge Podge at any Michael’s craft store. Bty…it should have a blue label outline says for making projects dishwasher safe. FYI.

  3. Thanks! Headed over there now! 🙂
    I love the look of these and my sister especially will love receiving a few.

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