Easy to Sew Reversible Halloween Tote

Reversible Halloween Tote Tutorial

This is a super simple reversible Halloween tote that anyone with the most basic sewing skills can sew in a short time and for very little money. It is perfect for the little ones to take around for trick-or-treating and can be reused year after year.  Trust me it doesn’t get any easier than this.

What you will need:

  1. ½ yard Halloween themed fabric
  2. ½ yard contrasting fabric
  3. Matching thread
  4. Scissors or rotary cutter
  5. Rotary cutting mat
  6. Measuring tape/invisible ruler
  7. Pins
  8. Sewing machine
  9. Iron


Step 1

Cut two pieces of your main fabric and your contrasting fabric to the size that you would like.  I cut mine 14” X 17”. Then cut two pieces of your main fabric 4” X 18” to serve as your handles.



Step 2

With right sides together, sew around three sides of your main fabric leaving the top of your rectangle open using a 5/8” seam allowance.



Step 3

With right sides together, sew both sides and ¼ of the each side of the bottom of the contrasting fabric.  Leave a hole at the bottom and the top of the rectangle open.





Step 4

I like to box the corners of my totes so that will be your next step.  On your main fabric line up the right side seam with the right side of the bottom seam so that they form a point.  Measure down 1 1/” and place a pin.  Do the same process on the left side and on both sides of the contrasting fabric.


Step 5

Sew across the point at the 1 1/2 “mark on all four points.  This will create the boxed bottom of the bag.



Step 6

Once all of the corners are boxed, turn the main fabric rectangle right side out.  Insert the main fabric rectangle into the contrasting fabric rectangle so that the right sides of each fabric are facing each other.  Set aside.



Step 7

Make the handles.  Take your 4” X 18” fabric pieces and fold them in half and press.  Open them up and fold both edges to the center.



Once both edges are folded to the center, fold them in half again and press.  This gives you a nice straight and strong handle to insert into your bag.



Once the handles have been folded and pressed sew a nice top stitch on both long edges to hold them together and to give them a finished look.


Step 8

Insert the handles between the main fabric and the contrasting fabric pieces of the bag you previously set aside.  I measured 5″ from each side seam to place my handles.  Make sure the handles are facing inside of the bag and the ends are poking through the top.  Sew around the top pf the bag sewing the main fabric to the contrasting fabric and catching the handles along the way. I made several passes along the handles to make sure they are secure because they will be bearing most of the weight.




Step 9

Pull the inside main fabric bag through the hole you left in the bottom of the contrasting fabric bag.


Step 10

Push the contrast fabric into the main fabric and you can see the bag has come together.  In order to finish the bag, press the top so the edges are crisp.  Sew a nice top stitch around the top to give the bag a finished look.  Either hand stitch or machine stitch the hole you left in the contrasting fabric.  I prefer to hand stitch it closed for a cleaner look as it will be seen if you chose this side to show.




Voila! You have a nice reversible Halloween tote for trick or treating or anything else.





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