How to Make a Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin

How to make a Dollar tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin

This Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin is a very common Dollar tree craft. It is fun to make and perfect for autumn home decorating. The best part is that everything came from Dollar Tree but the spray paint so it was inexpensive too. For this project I used splatter screens that you use on frying pans to create my pumpkin. I then chose a variety of Dollar tree silk flowers and leaves as well as other autumn decorations. This pumpkin stand up on its own so it makes a great autumn center piece. If you would like other Dollar Tree carts check out my other projects here.

What you will Need: How to make a Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin

Step 1: Paint the Splatter Screens

Go outside or to a well ventilated area and spray paint the metal part of the splatter screens on the front and the back. I chose aged copper because that is what I had on hand and it fit the theme. You could choose any color you like.

Spray Paint the splatter screens

Step 2: Tie the Splatter Screens Together

Start by taking two of the splatter screens and overlap them about 1/3 with the handles facing down. Take the floral wire and tie the two screens together where they overlap. Once the first two screens are tied together add the third screen in the center with the handle facing up. This handle will act as the stem of the pumpkin. Again, using the floral wire tie the third screen to the other two so that it is centered.

Tie the screens together
Add the third screen

Step 3: Glue the Rope

Hot glue the rope around the metal edges of the splatter screen and the top handle that acts as the stem.

Hot Glue the rope

Step 4: Decorate the Bottom of the Pumpkin

I started by adding some autumn colored silk flowers to the bottom of my pumpkin attaching them with the floral wire. You could hot glue them but the floral wire works better. You may need to cut and bend the stems of the silk flowers in order for them to sit properly. I used a variety of autumn colored floral pieces including leaves. I also used a foam pumpkin that I cut the back off and placed in the center to cover all of the floral wire. E6000 was used to adhere the pumpkin as hot glue will melt the styrofoam.

Add the flowers
Cut of the back of the pumpkin
Add the pumpkin and bow.

Step 5: Decorate the Top of the Pumpkin

I used just a dollar tree bow to adorn the top off my pumpkin.

Step 6: Bend Back the Bottom Handles

Bend the bottom handles to the back of the pumpkin. They will serve as legs that hold up your splatter screen pumpkin. Place it anywhere in your home as a fun autumn decoration.

Fold under the bottom handles
How to make a Dollar tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin

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