Sewing Organizing Tips

Sewing Organizing Tips

I have been reaching out to all of you and sharing some of my personal sewing organizing tips and receiving new ones from you.  I wanted to share a few of those tips here.  It is so hard to stay organized when the creative juices are flowing.  It is also hard to get the creative juices going when you are not organized.  So what do you do.  I try to implement a variety of organizational techniques that keep me on the ball.  Not only do I create simple sewing projects for the blog, I sew for myself as well. trying to keep it all together is problematic at times but these tips help and now I have new ones to go along with them.  I hope they help you too.  

Fabric Organizing Tips

I have several fabric stash organizing tips that I use and that I learned from all of you.  

  • Comic Book Boards

Fabric Covered Comic Book Inserts, Spring Organizing Secrets
Fabric Covered Comic Book Inserts

I store all of my fabric using comic book boards.  It is simple to wrap the fabric around the board and either stand it up like the fabric store or lay it down. Either way you can see exactly what you have.  I have mine on closet shelves but you can put them in drawers or plastic bins.  

I have so many remnants in my stash that I like using fabric stash pages to catalog my fabrics.  I can then flip through my binder to find exactly the fabric I need.  The beauty of these pages is that they have a swatch of fabric and the details about what is in my stash.  

  • Clear Plastic Containers

Clear plastic containers are a favorite of Sandi’s and most everyone who wrote in.  She likes to label them with the contents of the container and store them on shelves for easy access.  

  • Paper Towel Rolls

    • Store in waste paper baskets
    • Store in wine racks

This tip came from Stephanie.  She finds that using paper towel rolls and storing them in round containers works best for her.  I really like this idea because the fabric doesn’t get wrinkled and you can store your fabric in a variety of different containers.  It also makes getting to all of the fabric easier.  

  • File Cabinet

File cabinets are a great place to store fabrics especially if you are using the comic book boards.  You can just file them away by color and go to them whenever you need too.  Hanging file folders work great as well.  Linda provided this tip.  

  • Color Coordinated Fabric Baskets for Fat Quarters

I love this idea for storing fat quarters.  Make some fabric baskets to color coordinate with your fat quarters and store them on a shelf.  You can find exactly what you need when you need it.  I found this idea on YouTube and thought to share it with you.  

Pattern Organizing Tips

I love using the pattern pages for my patterns.  It really makes my life easy.  I stick them on Manila envelopes with the pattern pieces inside and place them in a file cabinet.  Super simple.  

I use pattern list pages to catalog all of my patterns.  I must admit that I am a pattern hoarder.  When they go on sale I tend to buy the limit so I have a lot of patterns.  I also subscribe to a sewing magazine that provides at least two sewing patterns per issue so I need to know exactly what I have.  I use a file cabinet to store everything but the pattern list pages keeps a running list of all of the patterns I have in my stockpile.  

  • Letter sized or A4 sized Clear Plastic Bags

Susan and Robyn put their patterns in plastic bags with the envelopes so that they can see what they have clearly without having to open the package.  This is a terrific idea to store pattern pieces to make them easily accessible.  

  • File Cabinet

I have all of my patterns stored in a file cabinet.  For me, this is the perfect place. I can store them by manufacturer and number just like the fabric store and with my pattern list pages I know exactly what I have and can go directly to it. Perfect.   

Notions Organizing Tips

  • Library Card Catalog

Drawers in archive. Wooden shelves

I love my old wooden card catalog.  It is perfect for all of my notions.  I have a large one that takes up rather a lot of space but it is perfect for what I need.  Fortunately they come in different sizes so you can find one to fit your space.  I found mine on Craigslist.  A little research and you can find the right one for your space.  

  • CD Storage Shelf

Kathy suggested a great way to store tools and notions.  She purchased a CD storage shelf at a garage sale.  She attached it to the wall and placed a curtain rod and curtain in the front to cover the items.  It is the perfect size for everything she needs to store and the curtain covers it all up.  Perfect.    

  • Easy Zip lock Bags

Zip lock bags are a favorite of most everyone who responded.  They seem to be the go to container for notions and small items.  They can be stored in plastic bins, card catalogs or file cabinets and are inexpensive and of course clear so you can see exactly what is inside.  

  • Fishing Tackle Boxes

Fishing tackle boxes are a perfect organizing hack for notions and other small items.  They have numerous little compartments to fit all of the small things and can be closed up when not in use.  I saw this idea on Rambling Renovators and thought it was brilliant.  

Project Organizing Tips


I recently created a sewing planner to get myself totally organized in my sewing universe.  I found that I had so much on my plate that I needed to plan things out a little better.  With my regular job and the blog my time is precious so the planner has helped me to get and stay on track.  

  • Pants Hanger

Empty Pants Hanger, Spring Organizing Secrets
Empty Pants Hanger
Filled Pants Hanger, Spring Organizing Secrets
Filled Pants Hanger

While I was at Salvation Army I came across a four tiered pants hanger where the ends open.  It is perfect for hanging fabric and additional ribbons and trims.  I use it to store fabrics that I have cut out waiting to be sewn.  Sometimes I get distracted and do not finish a project before moving on to another one.  The four tiered pants hanger is perfect for hanging fabric, clipping pattern pieces, hanging ribbons and trims and then hanging the whole thing up out-of-the-way.  I just love it.

  • Plastic Bins

Storing each project in its own plastic bin is a no brainer.  I have often used simple clear plastic bins to put my projects in as a flit from project to project.  Trust me I am getting out of that habit.  I am trying desperately to do one project at a time.  In the mean time I do have a few projects sitting in plastic containers so they are a good organizational tool. Thanks to Sharon and others for this tip.  

Sewing Tools Organizing Tips

  • Peg Board

This terrific pegboard idea came from Fabric Paper Glue and is a terrific way to organize your sewing tools. It is clean and simple and will fit on any sewing room wall.  

  • Magazine Rack

Totally Filled Magazine Rack, Spring Organizing Secrets
Totally Filled Magazine Rack

I found a small iron magazine rack at Salvation Army that is just large enough for all of my rulers that I use to measure and cut with.  There are some curly cues that I use to hang my tape measure and some smaller quilting squares.  I also have a press cloth and a small pouch filled with sewing clips.  There are more curly cues to hang things from if I need them.  I just love it.

  • Owl Caddy

Empty Owl Caddy, Spring Organizing Secrets
Empty Owl Caddy
Filled Owl Caddy, Spring Organizing Secrets
Filled Owl Caddy


Several years ago I made an owl caddy to keep all of my small sewing tools at hand.  I absolutely love it.  I use it everyday. You can find the free pattern at Bluprint.  The above picture is the one that I made and use everyday.  The reason I like this caddy is that I can keep pins, needles, invisible pens, seam rippers, sewing gauge, and small scissors readily available.  Not only is it functional it is fun too. She is just too cute. 

I hope you enjoyed all of these sewing organizing tips.  I enjoyed putting this list together with your help.  Being organized in your creativity makes your sewing life so much easier and more enjoyable.  These tips are just the start of your own creativity.  





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