How to Make a Simple Dishcloth Apron

How to Make a Simple Dishcloth Apron

I bought a stack of flour sack dishcloths from my affiliate Amazon recently thinking that I would make some appliqued dishcloths.  However, once I got them I thought of other things that I could do with them. I still may do the applique but I have enough of them to make a variety of projects that I am going to share with you.  The first project is this super simple dishcloth apron.  It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  All you need is two dishcloths and some ribbon and you can put this project together in about 10 minutes.  How cool is that?

I almost feel embarrassed sharing this project but I liked it so much that I just had too. This project requires that you be able to sew a straight line and that is it.  If you can’t sew a straight line follow my tutorial on how to do just that. This is a very beginner sewing project so I urge you to give this one a try.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you will Need:  How to make a simple dishcloth apron

  • 2 flour sack dishcloths
  • 1 roll of 1 1/2″ ribbon
  • 5 scraps of fabric (Optional)
  • Pin back (Optional)
  • Scrap of Felt (Optional)
  • Button (Optional)
  • Standard sewing supplies

Step 1: Measure 

Hold up one of the towels lengthwise from your chest to your waist.  Mark your waist with a pin.  Also, on these towels there is a little loop to hang the towel. Remove that loop using a seam ripper. 

How to make a dishcloth apron
Measure the waist

Step 2: Place the second Cloth

Lay the first cloth on your work surface lengthwise.  Place the second cloth perpendicular to the first so that the side is even with the waist measurement.  Pin. 

How to make a discloth apron
Place the second cloth

Step 3: Sew the Cloths together

Using white thread, sew the two cloths together following the stitching on the hem of the cloth.  

Step 4: Cut and Hem

Turn the apron over.  You will see that there is a long tail of cloth.  Cut off the tail and fold the raw edge under so that it is even with the hem on the other side.  Stitch again over the previous seam.  


How to make a dishcloth apron

Step 5: Measure the waist ribbon

Measure your waist.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your waist and to tie at the back.  My ribbon measured 90″ long but yours could be much shorter.  

Step 6: Sew the ribbon

Place the ribbon on the seam line between the two cloths so that it is centered.  Using a coordinating thread sew the ribbon to the cloths.  

How to make a simple dishcloth apron
Add the ribbon

Step 7: Measure the neck ribbon

You will need to place another piece of ribbon at the top of the apron so that it wraps around your neck.  Measure from your chest around your neck and back again and cut a piece of ribbon 2″ longer.  

Step 8: Sew the neck ribbon

Sew the ends of the neck ribbon to the top of the apron.  

How to make a simple dishcloth apron
Add the neck ribbon

Step 9: Embellish the Apron

Embellish your apron any way you like.  I added a button flower to mine but you could add a pocket or print a saying. Regardless, you are finished with this super simple dishcloth apron.  

How to make a simple dishcloth apron
Finished Apron

Step 10: Button Flower

If you would like to make a button flower for your apron or any other project just follow these steps:

  • Cut 5 scraps of fabric into circles. I used the ribbon roll from the 1 1/2″ ribbon I used for the apron.  You could use a can of vegetables for yours.  
How to make a Fabric flower
Cut the circles
  • Fold the circles into quarters
How to make a fabric flower
Fold in quarters
  • Hand stitch using running stitch the curve of the the first fabric quarter using a very long double thread.  Remember to leave a long tail. Continue to stitch each of the quarters together using running stitch.  Pull the thread so that the curves bunch up.
How to make a fabric flower
Stitch the curve
How to make a fabric flower
Sew quarters together
  • When you have a row of 5 quarters tie the ends together to form a flower shape.
How to make a fabric flower
Tie ends together
  • Cut a circle of felt and sew it to one side of the flower.
How to make a fabric flower
Add felt
  • Sew a button to the center of the other side of the flower.
How to make a fabric flower
Add the button
  •  Sew on the pin back to the felt.
How to make a fabric flower
Add Pin Back

How to make a fabric flower

I hope you enjoyed this simple sewing project. If you would like more sewing and crafting projects sign up for our newsletter and receive access to our free printables library.   


If you would like more apron projects check out my other apron tutorials here.  






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