Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars

I love Mason jars or any jars for that matter and I love Christmas so I decided to combine the two. In this post I will show you had I made these terrific painted Christmas jars that can be used for your holiday decor.  Instead of standard mason jars, I used Dollar Tree canning jars for this project but you can use mason jars as well.  I added some Christmas greenery and twine to add to that Christmas feel.  This is a super simple craft project that will really add wow to your home this year.  

Anyone can create this project with some paint, twine and greenery.  It doesn’t really take very long to complete either.  This is a kid friendly project as well so feel free to get them involved. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  This post also contains a bonus craft at the end of the post so keep an eye out for it.  

What you Will Need: Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
What you will need painted Christmas Jars

Step 1: Paint your Jars

Using your chalky paint, paint your jars using the Lace colored paint.  You will paint three coats making sure to let each coat dry before painting the next. 

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
First coat
Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Second Coat
Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Third Coat

Step 2: Wrap the Rim

Cut a piece of twine that measures 90″.  Wrap the rim with twine.  I used a jute twine that I had on hand. I folded the twine in half and started winding the twine in the center and cris-crossing the ends so that I would be able to tie the ends.  Tie the ends in a nice bow.  

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Wrap the twine

Step 3: Insert the picks

Insert the pick through the twine so that it is hanging upside down.  Secure with a dollop of hot glue.  

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Add the Pick

Step 4: Add the POINSETTIAS

I purchased these faux poinsettias from Dollar Tree.  The stems were a little long for my purpose so I cut off the bottom and simply placed the remainder into the finished jar.   You have finished your painted Christmas jars.  Remember that you cannot put this in the dishwasher.  The paint will come off so if you have to clean them take care and do it by hand.  

Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Add the Poinsettias
Make Painted Christmas Mason Jars
Finished Jars

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Bonus Craft

I had three left over lids from jars I used for this craft.  Not wanting anything going to waste I decided to make some Christmas tree ornaments from the lids.  These were easy to make as well and took just a few minutes to complete.  I made wreath ornaments out of the lids by wrapping them with macrame cord and embellishing them. I got this idea from Sadie Season Goods and thought it was a terrific solution to these extra items.  

What you will Need: Wreath Christmas Ornaments

  • Canning or Mason Jar lids
  • 3mm Macrame cord
  • Red Ribbon
  • Small red balls
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Wrap the lids

Cut a length of macrame cord and wrap the lids so that they look like a wreath.  Glue the ends on the wrong side of the lid using hot glue or e6000.  

Mason Jar Lid Wreath
Wrap the lid
Mason Jar Lid Wreath
Glue on the reverse

Step 2: Embellish the lids

Embellish the lids any way you like. I used ribbon and little red balls to embellish my lids.  I first wrapped one lid with some red ribbon and glued it to the underside of the lid.  The next lid I embellished with a bow and the third lid I glued on some small red balls that I had left over from another project.  

Mason Jar Lid Wreath
Embellish the lid

Step 3: Add the Hanger

Take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the lid to act as a hanger and you have finished your Mason jar lid wreath Christmas Ornaments.  

Mason Jar Lid Wreath
Add the hanger




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