How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat

I have been looking high and low for fun Dollar Tree Holiday Crafts this season and came across this terrific Santa Hat door hanging project that I just had to share with you. Of course, because everything was purchased at Dollar Tree each item was only $1.  How good is that?  I love Dollar Tree crafts,  They are fun and inexpensive.  This project actually merges Halloween and Christmas.  How do you ask?  Well, I used a Halloween witch’s hat door hanging as my frame to start this project.  Who knew you could transform one into the other?  

This is an amazingly simple project to do.  It requires a little deconstruction and reconstruction but it is Dollar Tree through and through.  The results look fabulous.  It is the perfect door hanging for those of you who want something different than the usual round wreath. I honestly just love this project. I know you will too.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What you will Need: How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat 

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
What you Need Santa Hat

Step 1: Deconstruct the Witch’s hat

Carefully take off the garland, letters and buckle from the witch’s hat.  It easily unwraps from the frame. That will leave you with the black plastic frame.  

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Hat Frame

Step 2: Add the Red Decomesh

Take one of the pieces of pipe cleaner and stick it through the end of the red decomesh.  Tie the end of the red mesh to the top of the frame by twisting the pipe cleaner around the frame. Wrap the red decomesh around the top part of the hat frame until you get to the brim. I folded the red decomesh in half as I was wrapping it to better obscure the black frame.  Do two layers of mesh.  Secure the bottom of the red mesh with another pipe cleaner. 

How to make a dollar tree santa hat
Wrap in red mesh
How to make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Wrapped Hat

Step 3: Cut the White Decomesh

Cut numerous 6″ lengths of the white mesh. You will need to take three pieces of the white mesh and roll each of them separately in the direction that they are already rolling.  Pinch them in the middle and hold each of them with a wonder clip or clothespin.  Take the three pieces of rolled mesh and tie them together with a pipe cleaner.  Make enough of the three rolled pieces as you will need to cover the brim of the hat.  I made 18+.  

How to make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Roll the white mesh
How to make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Make bundles of three

Step 4: Add the pieces of Mesh to the brim

Take the Rolled pieces and tie them to the brim of the hat using the pipe cleaners.  You will be able to see how full you want it to be so continue to tie them on until you get the look you want. 

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Tie the bundles to the frame
How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Tied bundles

Step 5: Add Mesh to the Top

You have a choice here.  If you know how to make a pom pom using yarn you can make one or follow my pom pom tutorial using yarn.  I wanted this to be a Dollar Tree project through and through so I added some decomesh curls in red and white at the top of my hat instead of the pom pom.  I added the curls using a pipe cleaner in the same way that I did the white mesh for the brim.  

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Top curls

Step 6: Add the Glitter Balls

I glued some red glitter balls throughout my white mesh to break up all the white.  I just dipped the balls into the glue and added them to the edges of the white mesh.  You could also add some red ribbon if you like or just leave it plain.  

How to Make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Add the red Balls
How to make a Dollar Tree Santa Hat
Finished Hat


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