Make a Drop Cloth Criss Cross Apron

Make a Drop Cloth Criss Cross Apron

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron

I am still trying to get through the single canvas drop cloth I purchased from Amazon a while ago.  There is so much fabric in these cloths that you can make just about anything with them.  I have already made a Drop Cloth Pom Pom Throw, Drop Cloth Pom Pom Throw Pillow and a Rosette Wreath.  Now it is time to make a drop cloth criss cross apron and I will still have fabric left over if you can believe that.  This is a super simple apron to make that only requires basic sewing skills and a drop cloth. 

I bleached mine to make the drop cloth throw and pillow but you don’t need to for this project.  If you would like to bleach your drop cloth check out the other tutorials on how to do it and make sure that your drop cloth is 100% cotton or it will not bleach the way you want it too.  Regardless of whether you bleach it or not you will need to wash and dry your drop cloth before beginning this project.  The more you wash it the softer it will become.  This is definitely a washable apron as it should be.  This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying posts.  

What you will Need:

Step 1: Cut your Drop Cloth

Cut your drop cloth.  I have two sizes for this Apron, large and small. Cut the cloth as follows:

  • For the large apron cut a rectangle that measures 53″ x 39″
  • For the small apron cut a rectangle that measures 47″ x 39″
  • 2 6 1/2″ squares for the pockets
  • For both aprons cut two straps that measure 5″ x 21 1/2″ 

Step 2: Cut the Straps

Create the straps.  Fold the straps in half lengthwise and in half again lengthwise.  Measure down 1″ on the raw edge side and make a mark.  Draw a line from the corner of the folded edge to the mark.  Cut off the corner. This will make a nice even point on the end of the strap.  Repeat for the other strap.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Mark your point
Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Cut your point

Step 3: Stitch the Straps

With wrong sides together sew along the long edge and the point using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave the bottom open for turning.  Repeat for the other strap. 

Step 4: Turn Right Sides Out

Turn the strap right sides out and press.  Turn under the bottom raw edges. Top stitch around the entire strap for a more professional look.  Repeat for the other strap. Set aside.

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Turn right side out
Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Press and topstitch

Step 5: Hem the Sides

Hem the sides of the apron by folding under 1/2″ then another 1/2″ and stitching along the fold line.  The sides of the apron are the 39″ sides.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Hem the sides

Step 6: Hem the Top

Fold the top of the apron (the longer side) down by 1/2″ and press.  Then fold it down by 5″ and press again.  Stitch along the hem line so that you have a very large facing on the apron.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Fold down and hem

Step 7: Add the Straps

Add the straps.  Find the center by folding the apron in half lengthwise.  Measure 4 3/4″ from the center on either side and place the straps.  The center of the straps should be at the 4 3/4″ mark.  The point if the strap should be 1 1/2″ down from the top.  Sew the strap in place over the top stitching. 

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Add the straps to the front

Step 8: Create and Add the Pockets

Add the pockets.  Fold the raw edges in by 1/4″ all the way around and press.  Top stitch along the top edge.  Place the pockets so that they are in the center of the points of the straps and the top edge of the pocket are 13 3/4″ from the points.  Pin.  Sew around the sides and bottom. This is just a suggested placement for the pockets.  You can place them anywhere that is convenient for you.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Prepare the pocket
Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Pin the pocket

Step 9: Sew the Other End of the Straps

Sew the other end of the straps to the back.  This is where you criss cross the straps.  Place the ends of the straps on the opposite side of the back at each corner.  Stitch the strap ends on the wrong side of the apron so that the ends measure 1″ from the top.  Stitch in a rectangle to secure the strap.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron
Add straps to the back

Step 10: He the Bottom

Hem the bottom of the apron to whatever length that you want.  You have now completed your drop cloth criss cross apron.  

Make a drop cloth criss cross apron


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