Easy St. Patrick’s Day Barrett

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Barrett

Finished Barrette, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrette
Finished Barrett

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Barrett

This is an easy St. Patrick’s Day Barrett to wear on March 17th to avoid all of those inevitable pinches. It can be made by children and adults and worn by both.

What You Will Need: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Barrett

  • Small piece of green felt
  • Scrap piece of St. Patrick’s Day Holiday fabric
  • Shamrock button or finding
  • Small rhinestone
  • Blank Barrett or green elastic
  • E6000 craft glue
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Fray check
  • Shamrock patterns
What you will Need, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrett
What you will Need

Step 1

Print out the shamrock patterns and cut them out.  I obtained all of the items I used for this project at my affiliate Joann’s using the coupons I get in the mail and that I get on this blog and on my phone.  Use the spray adhesive on the felt and holiday fabric. Place the larger shamrock on the felt and the smaller shamrock on the holiday fabric and cut out the shapes.  Once the shapes are cut out place the shamrock cut from the holiday fabric on top of the shamrock made from the felt.  Glue the two pieces together using the craft glue.

Cut out Shamrock Shapes, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrett
Cut out Shamrock Shapes

Step 3

Place the shamrock button or finding in the center of the holiday fabric and glue using the craft glue.  Then place the rhinestone on top of the button and glue.  I used fray check around the edges of the holiday fabric to prevent the edges from fraying.  If you want a more rustic look you can allow the edges to fray a little.

Finished Shamrock, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrett
Finished Shamrock

Step 4

Place the entire Shamrock piece onto the blank barrett or the green elastic and glue.  You have now created a terrific St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock barrett or hair band to wear on March 17.

Back of Barrett, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrett
Back of Barrett
Finished Barrett, Easy St. Patrick's Day Barrett
Finished Barrett



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