Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint

Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint

Finished Painted Cabinet, Transform Dated furniture using Paint
Finished Painted Cabinet

Transform dated furniture using paint.  I love painted furniture.  I have learned some tips and tricks over the years that ensures a great painted finish to any furniture project.  In this upcyled furniture project, I took a dated buffet side board and turned into a terrific 50’s inspired TV cabinet that I absolutely love.  My inspiration was a bit of vintage fabric I had on hand that I really love but am afraid to cut.  It brightens my family room and with a few added accessories that 50’s vibe really comes through.  I hope you like this upcycled furniture project and get inspired to add a  little 50’s to your decor. Lets get started.

1950's Fish Fabric, transform dated furniture using paint
1950’s Fish Fabric

What you will Need:Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint

  • Dated Furniture
  • Primer
  • Paint – I chose Spray Paint for this project
  • New Handles
  • Sandpaper
  • Tack Cloth
  • Oak veneer edging
  • Wood Putty
  • Piece of 1/4″ plywood
  • Piano Hinge
  • Stencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Basket
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill

Step 1: Transform Dated Furniture Using Paint

Original Cabinet, Transform dated furniture using paint
Original Cabinet

Remove all of the hardware and in my case wood elements that were not needed for the final look I was going for.  All I needed was a screwdriver to remove all of the hardware and the wood pieces under the top pf the cabinet. Once this was done,  I used the wood veneer tape to repair the side edge of the cabinet. The veneer was coming off and damaged.

Wood Veneer Tape, Transform dated furniture with paint
Wood Veneer Tape

Using veneer tape is really easy.  It comes in a roll with adhesive on one side. Just measure out the amount you need and iron it on using a dry hot iron. The veneer tape can be either stained or painted.  For this project, I primed it with a little primer before painting it with the rest of the piece.




Step 2:

Fill in all of the holes left from the hardware and any imperfections in the wood with wood putty.  Let it dry according to the package directions.  Once all of the holes have been filled Sand the entire piece using a 100 grit sandpaper.  I started with a lighter sandpaper because this piece is made from wood veneer rather than all wood.  Once I was finished, I went over it again with 120 grit paper to smooth everything out.  I then took a tack cloth to make sure all of the sanding dust was removed from the piece.

Step 3:

After making sure that the entire piece was nice and smooth, I used a spray primer to cover the whole piece.  You can use a brush on primer if you want.  If you use a brush on primer, add a little flotrol to extend the drying time so that the brush strokes are nice and even.  After the primer dries you are ready to add your paint.

Step 4:

I chose a nice Turquoise spray paint to brighten up my family room and to go along with some vintage fabric I had on hand.   You can use whatever color you like.  You can use spray paint or brush it on but again I would advise using flotrol for a nice smooth finish.  I ended up using 3 coats to get the exact finish I wanted.  I let each coat dry for 24 hours so as not to mar the previous finishes.  Patience gave me a nice smooth finish all over this piece.

Step 5:

Once your paint has completely dried add your new hardware.  I purchased some 50’s vintage Hoosier hardware that had been chrome plated from EBay.  It was perfect for the look I was going for.  You can purchase vintage pieces or try for reproductions for your project.  I reused the same hinges but I spray painted them using a chrome colored paint.  I could have taken them to a local plating shop to have them chromed but they aren’t that visible so the chrome paint was fine.

Vintage Drawer Pull, Transform Dated Furniture using Paint
Vintage Drawer Pull

Step 6:

There used to be drawers in the area where the cabinet doors open but they have long since disappeared so I took a piece of 1/4″ plywood and cut it to fill the bottom half of the opening.  I then spray painted it the same color as the rest of the cabinet. Once the paint dried, I used a stencil  and white acrylic paint to add some atomic stars to the wood.  I screwed in a small piano hinge to the piece of wood and attached it to the inside of the cabinet.  This left me with a covered space where I added a basket for remotes and things.  I added a small knob to make it easy to lift up.  The top part of the inside of the doors was left for satellite boxes and DVR.





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